Race Against Time: The CIA and 9/11 (2021)

Follows former top officials and elite operatives inside the CIA as they share accounts of their efforts to stop Osama bin Laden and the catastrophic attack they knew was coming.
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1 / 10

Inside Job

9/11 was an inside job. Any 'stories' telling you otherwise are just that. Propagandized stories...

10 / 10

So worth watching!

Excellent interviews with top people in CIA and White House. Learned a lot!

2 / 10

Propaganda 101

While there were truths laced through this documentary, they were there to cover the amount of untruths and smooth this rewriting of history

Even had some unrepentant war criminals trying to justify their own disgusting behaviours

911 The world wept for the american peoples loss but then saw how corrupt the US political class is and how they manipulated this tragedy to further their belief in manifest destiny and control of the middle east

This doco seems to want to water down how blatant and disgusting the lies were from cheney, Rumsfeld, Bush and their neo-con cabal, geez even that war criminal from the 60's and the vietnam invasion, Kissinger got involved as an advisor with the Iraq invasion.