Ra.One (2011)

Shah Rukh Khan, Arjun Rampal, Kareena Kapoor, Shahana Goswami,
Ra.One is a movie starring Shah Rukh Khan, Arjun Rampal, and Kareena Kapoor. When the titular antagonist of an action game takes on physical form, it's only the game's less powerful protagonist who can save his creator's family.
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  • David Benullo, Kanika Dhillon, Niranjan Iyengar, Mushtaq Sheikh, Rajshri Sudhakar, Writer:
  • Anubhav Sinha, Director:
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1 / 10


There was a SMS joke doing the rounds after this movie released - "Entry to Ra.One is free, but for early exit one has to pay Rs.500/-, That's how Ra.One made all the money!"

That SMS I would say sums all of it. Watch at your own risk.

Most of the storyline is a hotchpotch of various movies from Hollywood. Including iron man, mr.beans, spidy and so on.

Though it was earlier meant for kids, there are vulgar jokes, scenes and dialogues that make it unsuitable for kids.

SRK has thrown in all masala thinking of targeting all audience segments, and has therefore been unable to please anyone.

1 / 10

This film should have been a documentary on marketing management!

It takes a lot of courage to put your money and time behind a story and bring it to the screen. But does it? I have seen many a flick in probably every genre (except perhaps horror), but this movie takes the cake for the worst sci-fi movie ever made.

The film starts off with a lewd and disgusting imitation of south Indians by Shah Rukh Khan. Not only is his acting (or should I say lack of it) hideous, it is insulting and revolting.

This movie is the strongest evidence that people still judge a book by its cover. From the ludicrous display of women as toys for sex, to the abysmal and down right disgusting show of cheap and ill conceived comedy, this movie is a hallmark of errors that needn't be made by film makers.

Shah Rukh Khan in his various avatars during this movie shows that all you need to SELL a movie is sex, regionalism, an extremely popular star cast and an international music artist (yeah Akon, I'm talking about you).

With a plot that you could summarise in less than ten words, and acting that would make a 1 year old seem a worthy Oscar performer, this movie could not have been more worse.

The word disappointing doesn't even begin to show the worth of this movie. It was so bad, I wouldn't even watch a pirated copy.

I wish there was a minus rating available here. Alas!

1 / 10

Best Indian movie - are you kidding me???

What in the hell makes this crap the best Indian movie? I've found none. Sure if you lived in cave for some 20 years and never seen any movies you may find the VFX new and fresh but for all others it's same soup with awful ingredients added. A similar (but far better) movie in Indian cinema, Robot, does far better job in CG and VFX department.

This movie ripped from Hollywood/Bollywood movies and games.Iron Man (the Hart), Batman (the poster), Infamous (Cole McGrath's dress), Jumanji/Zathura (Game coming to life type), Terminator (powerful villain chasing hero to kill), Mortal Kombat (how else you count one-on-one fight n sets?), & Robot (running on the side of train - exact rip-off!) are few examples.

Somebody must tell SRK that good looking costume with constipated look on face doesn't actually make you a Superhero. It's acting, stunts, etc. that make one. Also, the highly rated Akon songs are just ordinary (if not bad) Akon quality (not his fault though). Maybe fresh for those who never heard him, his fans will surely be disappointed. This movie doesn't have any appeal, and even SRK fan will be heart- broken (or is it Hart?).

My final verdict - Go and see this movie if you lived in caves for past 20 years and never saw CG/VFX movie or played any game, you'll be less disappointed then. Also, never look for story, this sucker movie has none. And why the hell I cannot rate 0, Mr IMDb??