PussyCake (2021)

Flor Moreno, Florencia Moreno, Anahí Politi, Sofia Rossi,
A struggling all-girl rock band goes on tour and discover their worst problem is not just being forgotten by their fans.
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  • Maxi Ferzzola, Hernán Moyano, Hernán Sáez, Writer:
  • Pablo Parés, Director:
  • Leonardo Giuliano, Simon Ratziel, Producer:

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8 / 10

A generally enjoyable splatterfest with a lot to like about it

Heading out for a headlining show, a rock group told that the upcoming showcase will be a career-making gig instead find the area deserted and populated by a race of parasite-controlled beings that threaten to overrun the world, forcing them to stop the dangerous creatures.

Overall, this was a rather fun and enjoyable effort. What really works so well here is the film's high-energy setup and propensity for delivering a bucketload of blood, gore, and other bodily fluids. As this kicks into the series of encounters through the town with the deformed creatures unleashing all manner of spit and bile that carries on through the rest of the film, the encounters generate all kinds of over-the-top moments that are incredibly silly in concept but given a vicious enough tone to make for a rather impressive setup at play here. Given that there's always the threat of them being turned into one of the creatures and looking to take over the world that comes about due to the impressive setup involving the girls' relationship with each other which comes together quite nicely. They're all quite likable and develop into a highly effective portrait of friendship and being able to overcome the odds which are factors that give the film a lot to enjoy. There are some flaws to be had with this one. Among the biggest drawbacks here is the highly uninvolved storyline that doesn't have much in the way of depth here. This takes the simplified route of putting together a reason for the group to visit the town, encounter some adversity and then it's a non-stop ride from that point on which serves this well enough to keep the interest moving but fails to set any kind of definitive conclusions about anything. There's nothing about what's affecting the citizens due to their possessed-like state but zombie-like behavior that's never resolved. Further issues, including the origins of the fabled gig that gets them there in the first place or what the actual threat really is and where it came from. That also speaks to a strange figure following them around which is never explained, and the whole thing is undone somewhat slightly in that regard.

Rated Unrated/R: Extreme Graphic Violence, Graphic Language, and Nudity.

2 / 10

A dumpster fire of a horror movie...

I had the opportunity to sit down and watch the 2021 Argentinean horror movie "Emesis: El Amor Mata" here in 2022. I had never heard about the movie, so I didn't know what I was in for, aside from it being a horror movie. And with it being a horror movie that I hadn't already seen, of course I opted to watch what writers Maxi Ferzzola, Hernán Moyano, Pablo Parés and Hernán Sáez had to offer.

Now I am really amazed that four writers could collectively manage to botch a script and storyline so profoundly. I baffled me how it was possible to collectively put together such a heap of rubbish that "Emesis: El Amor Mata" turned out to be.

The storyline in the movie was rubbish, pure and simple. It started out adequately enough, but quickly turned sour, especially since nothing made sense in the storyline, as in virtually and literally nothing. And when suddenly a rip-off character of the Darth Malgus character from "Star Wars: The Old Republic" showed up, then I was good and ready to turn off the movie, yet I managed to hang in there until there was just 21 minutes left of runtime. But they I just couldn't take any more of the pointless storyline, and I tossed the towel in the ring and gave up. And believe you me, this is not a movie that I will ever return to watch the rest.

I wasn't familiar with the cast ensemble in "Emesis: El Amor Mata", but the actresses literally had nothing worthwhile to work with, and it was showing on the screen.

Something that does speak well for the movie was the special effects. They definitely had a good special effects team working on "Emesis: El Amor Mata". But it was a shame that the special effects could do only so little to salvage the dumpster fire that was the storyline and script.

If you enjoy horror movies, then do yourself a favor and stay clear of "Emesis: El Amor Mata".

I am rating director Pablo Parés's 2021 horror movie a generous two out of ten stars. This movie simple wasn't worth the time, effort or money.

3 / 10


Doesn't this sound like an absolute must-see experience? A festival-circuit horror flick from Argentina, about an all-girls rock band that encounters a peculiar zombie-outbreak at the forsaken beach town where their last gig supposedly should take place!

Hell yeah, sounds terrific... but in reality, it's a big mess! Zombie movies usually make the mistake of being overly simplistic and derivative, but "Pussycake" does the opposite, and the result is even worse. The zombie virus originates from a teenage genius who attempts to bring his missing scientist father back from a parallel universe, but accidentally causes a zombie invasion. Not the regular type of undead corpses, mind you, but zombies that bury their preys up to the necks in sand and a barf white goo all over defenseless human targets. Oh yes, and there also a sort of Predator that hunts for an alien kind of parasite. I didn't really capture the added value of that.

It's all very confusing and not the least bit coherent, but what's even worse is that it also isn't very entertaining or exciting. Apart from a couple of well-handed gory sequences and admirable make-up effects, "Pussycake" is dull and annoying. The female lead stars, although being good actresses and having rockstar charisma (most of them, at least) are totally lost in the hectic screenplay. Huge misfire.