Purple Hearts (\N)

Gina Rodriguez,
In spite of their many differences, Cassie, a struggling singer-songwriter, and Luke, a troubled Marine, agree to marry solely for military benefits. But when tragedy strikes, the line between real and pretend begins to blur.
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  • Kyle Jarrow, Writer:
  • Ben Lewin, Director:
  • Amy Baer, Elysa Koplovitz Dutton, Leslie Morgenstein, Producer:


10 / 10

Predictable But Beautiful!

To start this review off I will say that yes the ending was predictable, along with a lot of what I knew would happen; Like them getting caught, realizing they've actually fallen in love over the course of the movie and having a happy ending after all is said and done.

However none of it caused me to dislike the movie or find it boring. I looked at it more in the eyes of a romance style film because I'm a romantic and I love happy endings. So for me personally, while certain events may have been predictable and I knew they were coming I still thoroughly enjoyed the movie. The storyline itself was solid and I liked it, nothing overly complicated or mind blowing but perfect for this little romance that is introduced to us via the film.

The acting was really great, I've seen Sofia Carson in a few other titles and I've always liked her performances. She also has a wonderful voice and can really sing irl, this led to some great songs being performed in the movie by her. The supporting cast was all great as well, with the only performance that I felt was slightly on the blander side being that of the actor playing Luke Morrow. It wasn't bad by any means but just a bit on the slightly blander side.

Seeing movies like this really just reinforces the idea that someone special is out there for me, for everyone. All we hear about nowadays is the massive divorce rate and how most marriages fail. But seeing the happiness on a couples faces (At the end of the movie) really gives one hope. This movie doesn't have a massive budget or all star cast but it has its own unique charm and makes my heart go along with Luke and Cassie on their journey to find out they are each others special someone.

I will definitely be rewatching this movie later and if a sequel is ever made sign me up! I'll finish off my review by saying this movie gets a well deserved 10/10 from me but may not be everyone's cup of tea.

4 / 10

Ruined By Overly Sappy, Predictable, and Cringy Writing

The only reason I saw this movie was because I recently got out of the Marine Corps and all of my friends were sharing the trailer on Facebook as a joke.

Starting off, the acting is extremely stale and at times comes off as a student film (especially during the opening bar scene). The movie also milks the whole Marine topic a crazy amount of times. Making movies about the Marine Corps can be done in non-cringy ways (like Jarhead) but it seems like the writers just talked with a couple young Marines about how they interact with each other and amplified the cringe tenfold. This movie follows almost every Marine Corps trope such as civilians rolling their eyes when a group of military men enter a building, how Marines hate to be called soldiers, and how they display frat house behavior in public. The worst of all is how they constantly shove the fact that their serving on peoples faces. They literally say, "I'm serving my country, what are you doing?". All of this comes off as really cringy mainly because of the young romance theme to it.

Another point in the movie that I strongly disliked was how the main actress, Sofia Carson mainly sang covers of already made popular songs. It came off as lazy to me because I think she only sings one or two originals songs out of the five she sings in the movie.

The saving grace for this movie is that it is actually pretty accurate when it came to the military standard. All the uniforms used were accurate and everyone had haircuts, except for the leading man which I guess I understand. Many people tend to not notice the minor discrepancies when it comes to military uniforms in movies but it does take service members/veterans out of the movie when it happens. This movie was also fun to watch with my GF because it was just entertaining to watch a movie that has that cringe factor.

10 / 10

I absolutely love this movie

It's so good! The actor did a great job especially sofia! I loved the story the way it was shot and everything my only criticism is that I wish they had a theater release.

8 / 10

Better than it had any right to be

Formulaic? Absolutely.

Did it pioneer new territory? No.

But beyond that did it check the marks for the genre? Yes.

Two leads that devour the camera, have realistic (current) differences and evolve. And most importantly- it doesn't overthink itself. It's a story about two people that find their way. And that's enough for me- and should be for nearly anyone of the genre.

Heck- the soundtrack was great (kudos) as and added bonus.

10 / 10

loved the movie, was a bit predictable towards the end, but hoping for a sequel

Must watch if you are into romance, drama, music, growth and emotional movies. The songs were amazing to me, it was very nice and I did cried a bit. The end was kinda predictable but the movie was very nice. I liked the way they got to know each other and how she even without knowing it wrote all her song after meeting him, him being an influence on her music as well. For me there was one sad part and a few emotional parts which added a lot of feeling for the audience. In all the movie was heart warming and I'd watch it again and I'd recommend watching it. Even though the movie ended neatly, I hope for a sequel in the future, just so you know this movie is based off a book and I don't think the author has any plans of writing a sequel, but I can only hope.