Pulse 3 (2008)

Noureen DeWulf, Rider Strong, Lynn Blackburn, Jackie Arnold,
A restless girl embarks on a journey back to a city populated by the dead in search of a mysterious internet lover.
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2 / 10

Don't waste your time with this one

PULSE 3 is the awful final chapter in the awful PULSE trilogy. The original PULSE was an effective lo-fi Japanese ghost story while the American remake was a sub-standard rip-off. However, PULSE 2 was even worse; an entirely dumb slice of semi-horror in which everything in the film was CGI-ed, even the backdrops.

Unfortunately PULSE 3 is much like the previous film and just as appalling. Once again ghosts inhabit the world like a disease, appearing through wireless Internet and other digital communications. There's a story of some sorts about a girl trying to track down her boyfriend, but overall this is a mess: messy characters you don't care about, messier effects, and an entire lack of incident. The whole film looks unrealistic and that's not just the ghosts. There's a stand-out scare sequence involving a woman blowing her head off which obviously wants to be as terrifying as that TV set-piece in THE RING, but it doesn't even come close. PULSE 3 is junk, and as near-unwatchable as a film can get.

1 / 10

do not waste your time

I watched this movie yesterday and I'm still shocked at the quality and performance. The graphics were so shocking I could not believe it. I mean it was the worst photoshop I have ever seen, I could probably do better. The film was so low budget, they didn't even have enough money to hire a room to shoot it in. The whole film you could see the fake background. Even in scenes where the girl is in woods, it was still graphics? Why? Woods are everywhere they could have just find a park or something, but no it's the fake background. The story line was poor, very poor. No proper plot or background to the story and did not really make a logical connection to previous films. Because I thought the the ghosts are bad, but no, half of the film they are good and half of the film they are bad again. Overall, my advice, do not waste your time and watch something (anything) else instead.

3 / 10

Really Bad !

OK to put this in reference i am one of those minorities that actually liked the first Pulse. Further, low and behold i actually didn't mind the squeal and though for a direct DVD it was pretty good. The blue screens never bothered me with the film as i tend to view it as the defining look for the second one and clear indication that the ghosts via electronics have taken over the world. For me it just worked and had a OK storyline. Not saying it is a masterpiece but i enjoyed it.

Pulse 3 had the same look as the second and i could have lived with that but man does the story suck. The fact i as a previous Pulse fan hates it tells you something. The story is boring, bad acting, hopeless story that is both predictable and just plain stupid and the film just isn't any fun to watch. There are plot lines that defy any logic and mixed with bad acting it is a chore to watch.

Avoid at all costs. It really does suck and i say that as a guy that liked the first two.

3 / 10

You gotta be kidding me...

Whoever did this: quit cinema. It's not interesting on any level. It even makes me doubt which film is worse: the previous or this one.

1 / 10


This is the 3rd part of the strang Trilogy of "Pulse" which are not a beloved Horror franchise, so it's weird to get to part 3?Anyway it's an apocalyptic type very cheap looking B-movie about a young girl trying to find a guy out there somewhere in this Apocalyptic America but she keeps in contact with him through the use of a Laptop computer but how this works is strange, how's she get Wi-Fi?Anyway it's weird little film with a few weird characters here & there that the girl comes accross & some cheap Ghost fx but it's all just boring really & that's not being nasty as i love loads of little Indie-flicks & B-movies but this was crappy.Rider Strong who is a B-movie actor that i really like from flicks like Cabin Fever, Death Valley & Borderland, he's got a small role & can't save this silly film. Rider Strong deserves better & he's been in better!!!