Pulse 2: Afterlife (2008)

Todd Giebenhain, Diane Ayala Goldner, Rachel Robinson, Dodie Brown,
After ghosts invade the human world through the Internet, a father must protect his daughter from the psychotic spirit of his ex-wife.
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  • Joel Soisson, Director:
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2 / 10

straight to DVD sequels

i was thoroughly disgusted, and disappointed with this one,, how could they say that this picked up where the first one left off. i seen like one cell phone. 2 computers,, and a cell tower,, wow o boy no TV sets no radios. this one made absolutely no sense whatsoever. they can't pick up on red what's up with that,, at least explain why the dead can't transmit through the color red. one thing i did like was the character Marna very appealing to the eye,, but other than that, i mean OK the storyline with the little girl mother and dad divorce stuff, it was okay at best . i don't know if it's just this film,, but there seems to be an awful trend going on over the past few years,, this straight to DVD sequel stuff, enough already,, and they made pulse 3 shortly thereafter,, doesn't that give you a clue if they put out 2 movies in such a short timespan,, stay away from pulse 2 it's just wretched.

1 / 10

Absolute Junk!!!

Do not see this movie. There, I warned you. It is an absolute pile of garbage. I'm not even talking about the plot, story, screen writing or the acting, I am talking about the way the film was shot. The entire thing is shot in a sound studio next to a blue screen. The first minute of this film look creepy and promising. What follows is an absolute disaster. The actors are not even interacting with one another. It is glaringly obvious that one actor was shot doing his or her part in front of a blue screen, then another, then another, then it was all layered together. None of the actors are even looking at one another because they are not there. This movie sucked, and it looked like hell. What a waste of time and money.

2 / 10

Pointless horror sequel with some of the worst CGI backdrops ever

PULSE 2: AFTERLIFE is a sequel to the remake of a Japanese ghost film. The Japanese film was great, a fine little slow burner, which is why I'm subjecting myself to these American versions of the tale. I wonder why I bother when the film is of the quality of PULSE 2, which is as awful an attempt at a horror movie as you're likely to get.

The story is about characters who find themselves pursued by the dead who can now appear thanks to wireless communication devices. What this boils down to is a never-ending storyline of a father and his daughter who find themselves pursued by the spirit of the girl's dead mother. The CGI ghost effects are awful, like something out of THE RING remake where the ghost girl comes out of the TV, but even worse are the endless CGI background to almost every scene.

Why shoot the whole film on a green screen, 300-style? It makes everything look fake and unrealistic, and to compound this the acting is poor and the characters one-dimensional. Scares? Try elsewhere, you won't find any here.

5 / 10

Potential going down the wrong road

So the apocalypse has been brought forth by ghosts who want to suck the lifeforce out of the living (as the first film sets things up). That's a pretty neat concept for any horror movie. Except, in "Pulse 2" not too much is done with it. Instead the story focuses on a divorced man trying to protect his daughter from his ghostly ex-wife, trying to get her hands on her. It's applaudable that the scripts takes different routes, presenting us new protagonists (instead of trying nothing new by whooping up another bunch of teenagers), but it hardly makes up for an exciting movie. The plot is oddly structured too, as the first act exists solely to lead the viewer up the wrong garden (after about half an hour, it gets clear who the real protagonists are). There are a few entertaining moments - like the scene with the naked woman half melted into a black goo on the floor - but they remain nothing more than just moments. The story is pretty thin and the ghostly images are severely underwhelming. Nothing ever gets scary in this film. And what on earth was up with all those obvious green screen effects? A lot of backdrops were used for both exteriors and interiors (the sequences in the cabin were just a bit too much of all this). On the one hand it created a weird look & feel for the film, but on the other hand it's just too distracting for the viewer (I spent most of the running time figuring out how they composed all those shots, instead of getting involved with the story, acting, etc). So, "Pulse 2" turned out a strange viewing experience: interesting from a technical point of view and a bit offbeat in some ways, but way too average and unconvincing as a scary movie. Still, it's good the producers didn't go flat-out for what could be expected in a nowadays sequel. "Pulse 2" turned out something 'different', and while not all of it works like it should, it's not as bad as most people claim it is.

1 / 10

If you like the first one, stay away. If you didn't stay away.

I am a huge fan of horror films and I loved the first one, but this was perhaps the most disappointing and distracting film I have ever seen. At no point was this film cogent, constantly hopping from theme to theme and direction to direction. None of the characters ever acted like people facing the end of the world instead staggering through what I can only describe as a directionless ambling incoherent miasma. I wish I could say anything was redeemable but I can't, at no level did it even manage to entertain.

If you liked the first film this one will do nothing but upset you as they fail to match the emotional tone or thematic value of the first film. They also consistently violate the rules set forth by the first film as well as their own rules they make up in this one making me wonder if there was anyone at any time paying attention to the consistency of the film.

As a fan of good horror I have to rate this as unseeable.