Prisoners of the Moon (2019)

Matt Addis, Cathy Belton, Alan Devine, Paul Gavin,
Was Arthur Rudolph, a central figure in the first Moon Landing, also involved in war crimes involving the death of 20,000 slave labourers in World War 2?
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3 / 10

Good topic but bad filmmaking

Not very informative. I found the excessive use of background music quite annoying that I almost was going to walk out 15 mins into it. Also, the dramatisation was just over the top and looked silly. I would not watch this doc again. Could do with more research and better editing.

10 / 10

Sam dolan gives this film a 10 out of 10

Pros: Alan DevineCons: Not enough Alan Devine.

'Sorry Gerry, nothin personal""We're at war, Sean"