Prince Harming (2018)

Andreas Beckett, Marianne Hettinger, Deborah S. Craig, Martin Ewens,
Prince Harming is a movie starring Andreas Beckett, Marianne Hettinger, and Deborah S. Craig. A woman falls in love with an Olympic skier she idolized as a teenager, who takes her down some very slippery slopes.
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10 / 10

The title is dead on!

From the get go, Prince Harming has all the trappings of a modern, charming rom-com - full of clever set pieces and witty banter - though by no means overly sweet. Life is hard for this New York gal, though she never lets it get her down, always pushing forward with a smile and her eternal optimism. When she does at last meet her Blue Prince, it feel like fate is rewarding her. Of course something is not quite right with him and we the audience keep waiting for that other shoe to drop - and drop it does with a loud THUD! When the darkness comes, it comes hard, building to point of raw, real, discomfort - as it should. Prince Harming is a cautionary tale of wanting too badly and of not seeing the evil right in front of us. Of being a victim and at last having the strength to put a stop to it and regaining ones SELF. A great mix of genres and a well made and well acted film...

10 / 10

Honest and authentic storytelling

I enjoyed this film a lot! I liked the complex characterization of the protagonist Victoria: strong, gutsy, quirky, vulnerable, positive and fierce.There's a lot of humor - some dark, some subtle, some slapstick - which makes the film flow well and frames an intense topic very well...It is so refreshing and so lovely to see a beautiful woman on screen without artifice and pretense! Inspiring and relatable at the same time.

9 / 10

This film is thrilling and brilliant!

I could not pause this film, it was that good. What a roller coaster. Every woman should see this. It hits home and is entertaining at the same time. Love it!!

9 / 10

Roller coaster Ride

I just saw this film on Amazon Prime. I liked that Victoria, the main character was a go-getting independent woman, making life on her own. The script explored causes and reasons abuse happens in the home. It made me wonder ... was she better off alone? Probably not because she wasn't with the right guy, and she wanted someone. I was glad the film made me think. As the film progressed her descent into total humiliation was well established and portrayed. There was great acting.

9 / 10

Gutsy indie film!

"Prince Harming" is clearly a very indie film which may not be able to compete with bigger budget production value but makes way up for it with heart, authenticity and great acting. I liked the relationship that Victoria and her mother had throughout the film. Prince Harming" comes off as very genuine how it depicts the escalation of abuse in a relationship that started off as a dream come true.