Press Play (\N)

Danny Glover, Clara Rugaard, Lyrica Okano, Lewis Pullman,
A young woman has a chance to save the love of her life, when she discovers that the mix-tape they made together can transport her back in time.
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  • 2019-10-17 Added:
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  • Greg Björkman, Director:
  • Josh Boone, Francis Chung, Logan Lerman, Jonathan Schwartz, Producer:


4 / 10

A mopey love story with a forgettable soundtrack.

Press Play has a fun set up. Yet it is all a tease.

Director Greg Bj?rkman and co-writer James Bachelor could have played loose and fun with the temporal proceedings and made a Millennial Back To The Future. Laura's tampering with past events could have gotten all dark like The Butterfly Effect. Alas, none of that happens. Instead Laura cries about her lost love following every time jaunt and listens to terribly-forgettable pop-music.

The dialogue, and the situations themselves, become annoyingly repetitive, disconnecting all intrigue and struggle from her quest. Even Danny Glover, whose talents are wasted as the story's wise counselor, has his fortune cookie idioms promptly ignored.

What started out as a clever time travel movie quickly devolves into a mopey first love movie with a mopey soundtrack.

5 / 10

a sugarsweet *100...

Toothclenching lovestory, stealing ideas from ''always'', ''ghost'' and the latest newcomer on the mixtapefront , namely ''mixtape'', even though it happens in the hawaiian surf, at a cool vl record shop, and use danny glover as a filantropic is not the same...also a musical score chosen to sound the love on the infamous mixtape may just interest 5 % of the audience and sounds no kind a reckognition in a grumpy old mans quite music filled memory.

The plot says that the mixtape can reviwe the past, so if you have lost a loved one through the years, it might bite on you, i was just not bitten by this ''no no no'' search and research cryoutloud lovesteemer, i give just a 5 for the thought not so much for the performance.

5 / 10


A slow, indie version of About Time / In Time, and with a stupid and pointless ending. If you haven't, watch those two movies instead.

If watching with a girlfriend, guys you will be bored very quickly, so start grabbing parts of your gf that stick out, and start making out. To sit thru this on a couch would be too much to ask for.

10 / 10

The Universe conspires to give you what you asked for...

This movie wasn't made just to be made. I believe many people needed to see this film, hence the reason it was created. Maybe for them to appreciate and validate the connection they have currently or have experienced in the past. Maybe this film will finally get someone to realize that the relationship that they're in isn't what's best for them, or just maybe this film was created to get you to believe that love is real and to understand the transformative power that it brings. I absolutely adored this film. The obsession with trying to fix the main problem by somehow trying to cheat him out of death, doesn't work no matter how hard she tries. The minute when she accepts and surrenders the answer comes. Press Play will teach you to value the now and to live in the present moment. It will teach you that we are all literally a decision away from a different life. Can we change fate? Maybe. Can we change our destiny? Maybe. Most importantly, what is meant to be, will always be. This movie shows us to stop, stand still, surrender, and get out of our way. I do believe that souls are constantly striving to find each other. Just the way that these characters were. They believed in love and loved each other in a way that was admirable and pure. My hope for everyone who is reading this review and has the opportunity to watch this movie, go in with an open mind, open heart, and no distractions. Let whatever message that is intended to come to you, do just that. Most importantly, don't stop believing on the love that is meant to find you and be yours. You may not get the opportunity to go back in time they way that she did, however, you'll be wiser for recognizing love and choosing not to let it go.

10 / 10

Heartwarming movie!

Forget the negative reviews and make your own mind. It's a beautiful movie that will touch your heart. Take my word on it. The performances are solid, the images are so beautiful and the story is so, so touching and inspiring.