Predator: The Quietus (1988)

Cordelia Roche, Cliff Twemlow, Darryl Marchant, Mark Gover,
The unexplainable disappearances of innocently-courting teenagers and a child, plus the brutal slaying of livestock, attracts the international media.
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  • Leslie McCarthy, Director:
  • Pauley Poole, Producer:
2 / 10

Lame "Wicker Man" wannabe is closer to "Raw Head Rex"

Weak low-budget Irish horror film about an American tabloid reporter investigating mysterious disappearances and livestock mutilations in the Irish countryside. Writer/director/producer Leslie McCarthy (his only film credit) clearly sought to tell a horror tale of ancient mythical creatures and the modern world colliding, in what I'm guessing was supposed to be along the lines of the intelligent "The Wicker Man" or the scary but glib "An American Werewolf in London." The film ends up failing to be serious, scary, or funny, which doesn't leave much else for an audience to enjoy. Nothing I can think of to recommend except for some 1980s Irish countryside photography. Even "Raw Head Rex" is better than this.

1 / 10

This thing - an obvious tax write off -- is so bad that..........

.......Even the synopsis seems to be for a bad yet more engaging story line. One has to wonder if such things get made for tax write off purposes!And amazingly, we detected a dozen different accents - and at least three spoken by the same character at different points in this thing.Thank heavens for the fast forward button!

7 / 10


I read all the reviews, because I have been watching this movie for 30 minutes, torturing myself.. I lasted longer then the others, and I agree, don't waste your time..! I like budget B movies, love horror, so I check out anything I haven't seen..This movie is soo BORING, I would rather watch one I have seen before..

1 / 10

I lasted 23 minutes.

I was fascinated by the reviews, above. No, I, thought, it couldn't be THAT bad. The above reviewers were actually being too kind.

It makes "Plan 9 From Outer Space" seem watchable.

I have been watching science-fiction since "Captain Video" (about 60 years) and have never seen the like.

The earlier reviewers were absolutely correct.They said it all. There's not much I can add, but a few of my own observations:

Were those supposed to be American accents?

The entire movie was cheap and, in addition, made absolutely no sense.

Sure was a lot of stock footage.

I almost died laughing when I read the question at the end of the review box: "Does this review contain spoilers?"Not possible!

I will end by saying I lasted 23 minutes then started writing this review for the 3 people who will look this up in the next 10 years

1 / 10

kelly3-274-753993 is absolutely correct

I made it to 29 minutes, before I pulled a total "What The Frig" am I watching, and came to IMDB to learn more. This movie is bad, in every possible way.

1. The sounds are bad. I make scarier sounds in the bathroom.2. The sounds are stock, like from 1980 video game stock sounds3. The insert clips are irrelevant.4. The acting, oh my, if someone was hoping to launch their career here, that was not going to happen.5. The locations are cheap. 6. The scriptwriting was an optional extra they did not pay for7. The outfits are 1980's bad, and likely bought at a thrift shop, assembled by a blind monkey.8. Did I mention it's not scary?9. Don't waste your half hour, kelly is correct. Do anything else, ANYTHING. It's better than watching this.

Even dying of cancer would be better than watching this movie.