Potato Salad (2015)

Joyce Ilg, Torge Oelrich, Otto Waalkes, Ernst-Herbert Albertsen,
When a deadly zombie virus infects a school in Germany it remains on the student Leo to save the world.
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  • Michael David Pate, Director:
  • Miguel Angelo Pate, Hauke Schlichting, Producer:

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1 / 10

One of the worst films in Youtube-History (really this is a rip-off)

If there was one movie that seems like total commerce, this is absolutely it. A bunch of German Youtubers get together to make unfunny jokes and money. There where no laughters in the audience. This is no hate. Just a sincere review. If you want to do unfunny Youtube Videos release them to Youtube. If you payed money to see this, I am deeply sorry. I considered leaving the cinema but wanted to see the whole piece. Save your money and don't give it to greedy "Youtubers". The basic story is explained quickly. A loser called "Leo" tries to become the new hero of his school when a mysterious virus appears. Summary: Unfunny jokes, very weak story, bad acting from "youtubers". Absolutely not recommend.

1 / 10

IMDb we need a 0 rating

Really awful. Don't waste your time. Even if they give you money to watch it you will regret it and you will never take back that hours from your life. You will suffer and suffer. I prefer to go watching a horse race or ice skating rather then this fully rubbish movie. I could sit and do nothing and still I will be more happy than spend hours watching this thing. I mean who wrote this? Do they have a mind? Really? And how could you accept a role as a actor in such a ridiculous movie? Are you OK? Please tell me? Why did you do that to us? Why ?

I wrote this review and I'm still in pain because I've seen this movie . Seriously physically pain it hurts and I need healing asap.

1 / 10

Bad at its baddest

There are many comedy movies in Germany that are just plain awful, unfunny and unnecessary. And what can I say about this one ? Its plain awful, unfunny and unnecessary. The story is absurdly simple and offers no creativity or even some clever plot elements. Its predictable and just not funny. The characters are all stereotypes with unfunny catch phrases. Its an long Youtube sketch that is not worth your time or money. I mean when even the fans say that this is unfunny than it must mean something. The comedy is just so bad timed and uncreative it is out of this world.

Voting: 1/10 Really bad stuff I cant understand when someone would laugh about that.

1 / 10

Yotube goes movie. So cool, not!

To begin with there are plenty of Youtubers which produce great content, like TotalBiscuit, Jesse Cox, Gimmeaflakeman; Jim Sterling and many others and then there are the others, the cash grabbers like most of the German YT community. This movie is the sorry example of a cheaply made cash in on the temporary fame of German YouTubers, most of them not known to anyone older than 13. This movie is almost an exact copy of their YouTube content, an unfunny and uninspired succession of lame jokes and stupid pointless blathering. If you want to spend your time doing something meaningful go watch some paint dry or just watch out of the window at 3 a.m. Believe me, it's more fun than this steaming pile of horse dung!


1 / 10


A flat plot line combined with bad acting and horrible jokes. This movie isn't even worth watching for free. If you pay money for it (like i did), i am very sorry, because there are 7 billion people who deserve these few euros more than the cast of this movie. Just sad that a serious production of movies could bring out such an awful movie. If there will ever be another Movie made by German Youtubers, i would not recommend to watch it (as i wouldn't with this one), because they can only produce lame jokes and boring stories. But the main audience will never see this review because they are all 12-14 (at least as i saw in the movie theatre, and they even thought the movie was good, but that is a fan boy/fan girl thing i suppose)