Poker Face (2022)

Liam Hemsworth, Lynn Gilmartin, Russell Crowe, Elsa Pataky,
A tech billionaire hosts a high-stakes poker game between friends, but the evening takes a turn when long-held secrets are revealed, an elaborate revenge plot unfolds, and thieves break in.
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  • Stephen M. Coates, Writer:
  • Director:
  • Addam Bramich, Jason Clark, Mark B. David, Gary Hamilton, Ryan Hamilton, Producer:


5 / 10

Lacking true suspense...and lacking a lot more...

The bad: this movie has got an artsy fartsy style to it, that was annoying me from the very start. Why? Because I hate it when a director starts using slowmotion photography flashbacks and supposedly spiritual monologues, that dont make sense whatsoever.

BEWARE: this is definitely NOT a straigthforward pokergame movie. Forget about it. Little to none action. Only a tiny bit of supsense.

SKIP the entire first hour. The (little bit) of suspense that there still is, can only be experienced after an entire first hour, wherein nothing much happens AT ALL, besides Russell Crowe looking deep and mysterious into the distance for ages on end and mumbling to himself about deep thoughts and feelings.

What the heck is this movie about?

Ruined by a director, who just doesnt know how to tell a solid story.

It only lasts 1 hour and 20 minutes. I guess they had to cut out a lot of scenes that dragged this movie down even more.

Bad editing. Cheap photography. Even cheaper and ridiculous dialogues. And the story? Pfff, really, this movie is disjointed from the very start.

Not entirely terrible, but definitely missing supsense, missing spark and punch and most of all missing a coherent storyline with credible characters.

Artsy fartsy flop. Sorry...I tried to like it, because I really dig Russell Crowe as an actor, but this time around he couldnt save this movie from going down under...

6 / 10

Not great but not bad either

Russell Crowe plays a billionaire who has to confront his own mortality, so he does it in a very billionaire-ish manner. Only problem is his plans are interrupted by art thieves...

It's well filmed and almost worth watching for the scenery and camera work alone. The real issue with Poker Face is that it wants to be too many things and doesn't succeed in any special way at any of them. It's not much of a drama about life and mortality, though it is a little bit; it's not much of a thriller though there's some crime and betrayal; Action? Forget it (though it does try to tease at it with fast cars and a few guns).

It's basically a boyhood to adult buddy film with lots of cash thrown at it. It's okay, you probably won't feel bad for watching it, but you won't be telling many people about it either.

3 / 10

Not something you'd expect from Crowe! [+33%]

Sorry, Mr. Crowe.. writing & directing do not seem like your forte. Poker Face has so little to do with poker.. or friendship, or betrayals, or anything meaninful for that matter. It's just a blandly written, blandly performed, blandly directed film with no takeaways. For a film branded as an action-crime-thriller, it does no favors to any of the genres. Why was Liam Hemsworth (32) cast as Crowe's (58) childhood friend? Every character is painted in broad strokes, not giving us any particular reasons to care - I simply couldn't buy into Crowe's "virtuous, wealthy guy" character at all (a tad too indulgent?). The action itself is surprisingly ordinary, even when a subplot regarding a heist slowly develops.

5 / 10

Okay film, took too long to get going.

It's okay, but took way too long to get going.

This film is just okay, nothing spectacular and it's very low-key. The acting performances are good enough.

Briefly outlining the plot, it's about a man with cancer who gives money to his friends and family and his house gets invaded and people want to steal his art.

There's not much to the plot at all, this 90 minute film could easily be condensed into 20 minutes and not much of the plot would've been lost at all.

The first 30 minutes are a chore to get through, far too slow to show far too little. Additionally, that first third of the film is very very exposition heavy.

Hemsworth is hardly even in the film so if you're watching for him, then I've got bad news.

Overall, just an okay film.

7 / 10

Better than I thought it would be...

Russell Crowe's acting near the start was pretty good, and left me intrigued, and I'm not a huge fan. The pacing is fine. The scenes flow pretty well without being abrupt. Some of the baddies acting is seriously over the top though, The plot is rather obvious and has been used to better effect in other films, in my opinion. Some characters were totally superfluous to the story, and since Crowe directed it, I wondered if there had been some nepotism? The conclusion is also fine, and even brought a tear to my eye.. Overall, it was much better than a lot of Sky films. Easily passes an afternoon effortlessly.