Poison Berry in My Brain (2015)

Yôko Maki, Hidetoshi Nishijima, Ryûnosuke Kamiki, Kazuyuki Asano, Yûki Furukawa, Hiyori Sakurada, Songha, Yô Yoshida,
Ichiko Sakurai, a 30 years old novelist, has a crush on Saotome, who is only in his twenties. This caused a heated discussion between the 5 personas controlling Ichiko's brain every time she is around Saotome.
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  • Setona Mizushiro, Writer:
  • Yûichi Satô, Director:
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6 / 10

Good Enough

Poison Berry in my Brain had a nice concept and an all star cast to support it. The movie actually reminded me of Inside out and Amelie. However, the only fun part of this movie was the debates of the five personas and probably a few of the romantic scenes that were steamy and cute. Other than that, the movie had some confusing parts, some boring parts and some so so parts. I did like the ending though. And the performances were really good. I would have liked if the personas were better introduced though, so we could have a better idea of how they will react in each situation. So, six and a half out of ten.

8 / 10

The Insides and Outs of becoming 30 in Japan.

"Poison Berry in my Brain" is fun chirpy romantic comedy with a kernel of hard reality. The movie revolves around a single Japanese woman called Ichiko Sakurai who is turning 30 and has started out on a writing career. She starts relationships and with the help of five characters of conscience we see her steer her way through these relationships. At first it takes some time to get used to the five characters inside Ichiko's mind that debate with comedy and drama Ichiko's steps in her relationships but the humor they provide helps the movie along. The ending is quite good, not a soppy one but a hard positive one.