Playdate with Destiny (2020)

Chris Edgerly,
Maggie and Marge are having a play-date at Springfield's finest toddler play park when Maggie becomes smitten with a little boy. It's love at first suck and Maggie dreams about seeing him again after a day full of make-believe romanc
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  • Tom Gammill, Max Pross, James L. Brooks, Matt Groening, Al Jean, Michael Price, Matt Selman, Writer:
  • David Silverman, Director:
  • Richard Raynis, Producer:
6 / 10

Before home time.

'Playdate With Destiny (2020)' is the second Maggie-based 'Simpsons' short, which marks the show's 'Fox to Disney' transition with a smile and a wink. It's a decently enjoyable experience. It has a simple story and is stuffed with a fair amount of referential visual humour. It isn't exactly exciting and it's very predictable, but it's engaging enough and never even comes close to overstaying its welcome. Overall, it's enjoyable. 6/10

6 / 10


In this silent Simpsons short film that appeared before Onward in theaters, baby Maggie tries to reconnect with a boy she met at the playground. This is neither good nor bad, just there.

A little background: This is a sequel of sorts to the previous Maggie Simpson short The Longest Daycare. They're similar in format, silent and filmed from the angle of Maggie's point of view. Playdate's issue is that it pales in comparison to its predecessor. Daycare had the better jokes, rhythm and direction. More importantly, it was original. This just feels like it's trying too hard to recapture lightning in a bottle.

There are some funny moments, especially one at the beginning, but mostly this short just coasts. Animation is good for what it is. Again the effort given to show the world from Maggie's height is commendable.

You might get more out of this if you haven't seen Longest Daycare, and if you're a Simpsons completionist, go nuts. However, this isn't anything anyone really needs to take the effort to see. (I do encourage you to see Longest Daycare if you haven't yet. It's free and legally/officially available on Youtube.)

8 / 10

I'd like to see more like this.

I'm a pretty harsh critic, and I agree that this short was not bad but nothing special. However, I'd really like to see more Simpsons shorts like these.

Don't replace The Simpsons (30 min show) with these, however, since that's just irreplaceable.

6 / 10

It was ok

I like the first one better. This one was ok it had a few good gags here and there. It feels a bit pointless since we are never going to see the little boy again.

6 / 10

Cute, but nothing special...

Playdate with Destiny is cute enough. Some funny background gags and the animation was surprisingly more flowing than the series has had to offer as of lately, but it's simplistic. Got a few chuckles out of me but it definitely doesn't come close to surpassing the feature presentation Onward, which was a funhouse of emotion. It was definitely odd seeing "Disney presents The Simpsons" in a legitimate title card, I've gotta say.