Plank Face (2016)

Nathan Barrett, Susan M. Martin, Brigid Macaulay, Alyss Winkler,
A man is taken captive by a feral family in the deep woods. They are determined to transform him, body and mind, into one of their own -- whether he likes it or not.
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  • Brian K. Williams, Writer:
  • Scott Schirmer, Director:
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6 / 10

Different, but not different enough

"Plank Face" is a strange horror movie that largely eschews scares and gore in favour of sex and nudity. It takes a run at doing something that I think is fairly unique, or would be, if it had been pulled off a little better.

For a "unique" film, it opens with stunningly familiar material, in which we see the bad guys kill some people. Slashers so often begin with this - think "Scream" and "Halloween". If that's not familiar enough, it even ticks off the most famous of the horror movie "rules": having sex gets you killed.

The movie then lurches into more unfamiliar territory, with a credit sequence that, unlike its opening scene, does not seem to belong to a typical slasher. We are introduced to the protagonist, a hipster-slash-outdoorsman, and his girlfriend, who are hiking through the woods. There, they run into another hipster-type, who chokes out the protagonist (in a fairly unrealistic scene). The protagonist comes to, and finds the other hipster raping his girlfriend. He promptly murders her.

None of this is as shocking as you'd expect; it just doesn't connect. It's handled unbelievably, and I think a large part is the pacing: this all happens before you know what's what.

Next, the young man is imprisoned by some yahoos who live out in the woods. First, they torture him by hammering a nail into his foot - which also seems pretty unrealistic as there's not enough blood or pain from the actor - and then they force him to eat offal.

Soon - much too soon, I might add - our hipster/outdoorsman is a happy member of the tribe, if that's what it is.

Throughout the ordeal he never loses his cover-boy sheen, as though the hut these people live in is actually on the beaches of Malibu. You would expect some kind of physical transformation to go with his caveman-like regression. You don't get it, unless you count the titular Plankface, and constant nakedness.

Why does the protagonist fall in line with these cannibal freaks so quickly? Was the part at the beginning with the rapist-hipster supposed to show that he had something caveman-like in his nature?

The plot of the film is different; the handling, unfortunately, is not different enough.

9 / 10

Plank Face Is Plain Great

Plank Face was one of the best indie movie I've seen. From the beginning to the end it held my attention. The feel of the movie was great, and set up the tone for the rest of the movie. I loved the story, which was nicely developed. The acting was so good. Susan M. Martin was specially good. This movie is good, but some people might not be able to handle the gorey stuff, and some of the sex scenes. I thought they were a perfect fit for the story. Well done, Scott Schirmer, and all the folks who made this film.

9 / 10


I really enjoyed the twists and acting. Was unexpected

10 / 10

An interesting take on a horror film.

This has now been moved to my top five of favorite films. The film is about a family who lives in a cabin, and through various circumstances they find themselves looking for a new member of their family. The make up which was done by Producer, and actress Ellie Church, was amazing. Be warned this is not a slasher film, it's something entirely different, and there's not that much dialogue in the film which, in my opinion makes it similar to Wall-E. The performances are amazing, with stand outs being Brigid Macaulay as the Bride, Alyss Winkler as Bunny Girl, Nathan Barret as Plank Face, and Susan M. Martin as Granny. They all get emotions across without body language and facial reactions, and not dialogue. I highly recommend this film. I watched it on Amazon Prime and will be picking up the blu-ray at a convention later this year!

3 / 10


Good start but went down right from where it begins to be interesting. No story and too many flaws makes this film trash. I was disappointed hoping something will be interesting to come up but it goes worst as the film proceeds. It was a waste of time invested. 4/10.