Pink Floyd: P. U. L. S. E. Live at Earls Court (1994)

Pink Floyd's final live show in 1995.
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9 / 10

As far as concert videos go, this is the best there is.

The lightning system. The songs. The sound. A band that decides to hide beneath the complex riggings and supports (what a welcome relief!). Perfection, indeed. This is the best concert video footage I've ever seen in my life. The moment I saw it I could not stop watching it (it was too late at night, and I wanted to get some sleep) for all the right reasons.

Suffice to say, I don't think I'll ever see a concert as incredible as that one. The moment when they play the encores (Wish you were here / Comfortably Numb / Run like Hell) qualifies as the stuff dreams are made of. Laser lights, explosions, a huge rose hanging from the ceiling with a disco ball inside, huge reflectors onstage, a dancing circular screen, a dancing light stage, lights at the bottom flashing messages and to the music... I couldn't have imagined a more complex light show. Or better tunes. Or better playing.

Wow. 10/10.

10 / 10

Another Wonderful Concert of Pink Floyd

"Pulse" is another wonderful concert of Pink Floyd, an improvement of the also excellent 'Delicate Sound of Thunder'. Pink Floyd lost its most creative component, Roger Waters, and now is limited to repeat the same successful songs in his concerts. However, the musicians and backing vocals are also outstanding, and the stage and lighting are something unique. The most impressive is that the present generations also love this fantastic group and their songs may be considered classics. I love all their songs, but 'The Great Gig in the Sky', 'Wish You Were Here', 'Brain Damage / Eclipse' 'Time' and "Comfortably Numb" are among my favorites. I believe I will never get tired of this concert. My vote is ten.

Title (Brazil): 'Pulse'

7 / 10


It's been nine years since this one first hit the airwaves and it STILL holds the crown for most spectacular stage show. The spitfire, the lasers, the dancing pigs...oh yeah and the worlds largest ever disco mirrorball which while looking spectacular enough by itself does something UNBELIEVABLE at the end of Comfortably Numb.

Great performances from the band and the session musicians. Guy Pratt is without doubt one of the greatest Bass players who lived and Tim Renwick can fingertap better than anyone.

My ONE complaint is the dissapointing ammount of Division Bell material played. I understand they couldn't play as much of it as they were doing Dark Side live but still......

Two American shows were also filmed on the tour one of which was a NON Dark Side performance so we can but hope said concerts will appear on the DVD when it FINALLY comes out next year. Otherwise this is perfection.

7 / 10

ALMOST as good as being there,

Anyone familiar with Pink Floyd concerts would agree; this band has the best traveling shows ever. I saw P.U.L.S.E. live in New Orleans, at the Superdome and have never seen a better concert.

The show is visually fantastic; choreographed laser light show, huge circular video screen, and the Pigs. With all this going on the band seems hidden, you barely see them on-stage. Which makes the video perfect. P.U.L.S.E. captures both elements of the show, you don't miss any of the performance while getting to see the band perform.

It's not as good as being at the concert. However, you will never miss another Pink Floyd tour, after you see it.

If you like it try: "Live at Pompeii", "La Carrera Panamericana", "Pink Floyd London '66-'67"

10 / 10

Best Live Music Video, Period

This is the best live music video I have seen. Yes, I have seen all those "unplugged" videos, and so on. This is one that I often (once a week?) put on as background "music" while I am reading. About 10 minutes later I am looking at the video more than reading. Another 5 minutes and I watch the rest of the video, discarding the reading material. I cannot wait for the DVD version to come out so that I get a better picture and stop wearing out my VHS tapes!