Pilgrimage (2017)

Tom Holland, Richard Armitage, Jon Bernthal, Nikos Karathanos,
In 13th century Ireland, a group of monks must escort a sacred relic across an Irish landscape fraught with peril.
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  • Jamie Hannigan, Writer:
  • Brendan Muldowney, Director:
  • Conor Barry, John Keville, Benoit Roland, Producer:


7/10 / 10


This is the new film from the Irish director of the excellent 2009flick called SAVAGE about an assault on a news reporter in Dublin (andit's aftermath) and I gotta say, if Werner Herzog had made this filmrather than one about an Amazonian trek he wudda been quite happy.

The film is set in the early 1200s in Ireland where superstition andthe struggle for Christian domination of the country are rife andthere, an envoy from Rome is sent to collect a supposedly sacred relicfrom some rural monks and bring it back to the holy city.

The movie is grim, and conveys the horrible conditions peopleexisted/lived in back then perfectly (the bloody weather looks the sameas Ireland has now though haha). It's highly atmospheric, with bleakIrish landscapes, and the acting is top notch with the film basicallybeing a dangerous road trip carrying the relic to a ship that's waitingfor them in Waterford (to sail across to France and onward to Rome).

The fact that the film is recorded in Irish, French, and English adds abrilliant realism to proceedings which echoes the situation at the timewith Ireland being infringed upon from all sides, and along the waythings get very messy and bloody (one death is particularly gruesome).

I'm sure there wasn't a huge Hollywood budget for PILGRIMAGE butthey've kept things really concentrated and its certainly exceeds whatyou might expect to be straight to video cheese.

This is the third film I've seen by Brendan Muldowney and I think theguy has some talent. I will be looking out for his next film and if youhaven't already caught SAVAGE Id check that out too.

8 / 10

Strong and compelling medieval adventure-drama

In the early 13th century a group of monks are tasked to transport an ancient holy relic from their remote monastery in Ireland to Rome. They have organised assistance along the way in the form of some French soldiers but events do not pan out in a straightforward way.

This Irish adventure-drama is one which manages to capture its period feel while retaining a contemporary edge. The problem with these types of movies is often the characters spout dialogue which is overly dramatic and false feeling, like a bunch of modern actors pretending to be from medieval times. In this case, it didn't feel like this so much, with performances being universally convincing and understated enough to feel considerably more authentic than is usual. The choice of using different languages of the day assisted in this, with Gaelic, French and English (the latter of which being used as a substitute for Latin, which the film-makers decided could not be spoken naturally nowadays so an artistic compromise was to substitute that for English). The gloomy Irish landscape was very evocative and atmospheric and captured very well cinematically, and like other adventure-dramas like the Amazon films of Werner Herzog, the landscape is to all intents and purposes another character too, given its visual potency. There is an excellent low-key atmospheric score underpinning the imagery and events which serves the tension and drama very well also. The story itself is very minimalistic and straightforward with a quest narrative that actively allows for a variety of different events to unfold, which includes a couple of dynamic action scenes – a brutal and intense ambush in a forest and a finale on a beach. The story is clever enough to allow for a religious interpretation while offering up rationale explanations for all events too. In this way, it has a modern feel to it while playing off the mysteries inherent in the religious side of things. Overall, I found this to be a very compelling bit of work, with a great atmospheric setting and interesting characters. And because it is an Irish production, it does have a more authentically Celtic feel to it, which served the material well.

8 / 10

Great atmosphere, fine movie

Yes this film is bloody. For some the scenes might even be shocking, but I really enjoyed this film. Acting was good, the suspense build up was very good. And at no point did it seem the violence was unnecessary. If you enjoy historical type films and don't mind seeing a head bashed in close up, you will enjoy this.

8 / 10

Strong , Bold and Mind Provoking ,, Good Adventure through past

I've gone for this movie with no expectations based on its rating ,, but I was really surprised .. This movie is really Powerful that after its end it would make you think for a while about your convictions or the principles of your beliefs . * maybe not going wrong with them but just questioning *

It discusses things not about religion but particularly the way of Religious speech and people who may control the message of religions in general ( Not Christianity in particular ) and how politics also may affect how things work ..

The acting is very good especially that of Jon Bernthal ( The Mute ) .. The music is well played as well as the picture ,, Great Atmosphere of that period of time ( 13th century ) with bloody violent action scenes which were really well performed

This is my first movie of the director Brendan Muldowney and I think it won't be the last .. Great Job

Overall I liked nearly everything about the movie . If you're interested in that period of time and historical movies , Just go for it ..

9 / 10

Ancient Ireland: a fierce land of pagan superstition, ardent Christians, and invaders...

The ancient times of Ireland are fascinating, yet rarely represented in cinema. This film offers a glimpse of the burgeoning Christian faith, ancient and mysterious pagan traditions, and military upheaval. These forces characterise Ireland in the 1200s. There are clashes between belief systems and brutal military forces. The film portrays devout faith and a closeness to nature. The hills and valleys are beautiful, and often depicted in a suitably harsh and forbidding manner, while the plot and characters are nicely layered with good action-packed twists and turns.

I recommend this film to anyone with an interest in Ireland, ancient times, or religion.