Persian Lessons (2019)

Lars Eidinger, Nahuel Pérez Biscayart,
Persian Lessons is a movie starring Nahuel Pérez Biscayart, Lars Eidinger, and Jonas Nay. A young Jewish man pretends to be Iranian to avoid being executed in a concentration camp.
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  • Ilya Tsofin, Writer:
  • Vadim Perelman, Director:
  • Pavel Burya, Murad Osmann, Ilya Stewart, Producer:


10 / 10

very moving story with exellent actors

This is a very new twist in an old genre. its a psychological thriller between two uneven characters. Lars Eidinger gives a tremendous performance that is nothing short of christoph waltz in Inglorious basterds. but he gives his character more depth and transforms him from a sadist to a man who also seeks love.

If you like this, I can also recomment Der Hauptmann with Max Hubacher turning from a refugee into a mass murderer. These two films are great exercises on the psychological mechanics of faschism.

10 / 10

When you know that a movie is a movie!

I enjoy watching movies, have always done. But my joy of doing so has been trashed by the constant destruction of this beautiful art by the corrupt Hollywood in the last three decades, where most movies don't necessary represent the seventh art.

Vadim Perelman brings back the joy of watching movies back into my living room. After making the wonderful 'House of Sand and Fog', he's come back again with yet another beautifully done masterpiece. The directing, acting and the story telling are of the high level of it's own. He apparently (kind of) enjoys making movies about the Persians and the rich and beautiful language and culture of this ancient civilisation. Let the movie flow into your brain and heart and enjoy the heart warming and moving story between the....

8 / 10

Best Foreign Language Picture?

I would vote an Oscar for this one if I were in the Academy. An unusual premise underpins a tension-filled two hours, culminating in a virtuoso climax that was the perfect denouement. Great performances, too.

9 / 10

Riveting premise... excellent drama...

A Jewish prisoner, at the height of WWII, pretends to be Persian in order to teach the camp commandant the language he dreams of learning. His life depends on inventing, and remembering, the words to his farcical Farsi. This riveting drama is superbly acted by the two central leads, and wonderfully directed by Vadim Perelman.

9 / 10

A great story, but is it based on true facts?

Really 'enjoyed' the film. I found it absolutely gripping wondering how the prisoner would survive. I cannot find evidence as claimed that it was based on a true story which annoys me. It does not impact the power of the film though as eventually you get carried away. One not to be missed.