Patrice O'Neal: Killing Is Easy (2021)

Denis Leary, Colin Quinn, Jim Norton, Ian Edwards,
Patrice O'Neal: Killing Is Easy is a TV movie starring Denis Leary, Patrice O'Neal, and Colin Quinn. The Irreverent Comedian's Life Utilizing a vast archive including never-before-seen personal materials and featuring O'Neal's...
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9 / 10

They did Patrice justice

As a huge fan of Patrice, I was worried that this would be some watered down affair, since it was made by Comedy Central, but I think they did the big guy justice.

O & A is mentioned in there, DiPaolo shows up for a bit and even Anthony can be heard, even though it's old footage. There's some new footage in there as well, and it was great to see them during the early years, when they would hang around comedy clubs.

It was also nice to see high quality footage from Tough Crowd. Maybe one of these days we will get that in HQ, it would be an even bigger gift to his fans than any documentary could ever be.

Although there were laughs to be had in here, it was the more dramatic aspects that stood out the most to me and those alone are enough of a reason to see this, if you're a fan.

If you're not familiar with the guy, you're better off watching Elephant in the room first, or even better, his O & A appearances on youtube.

The only negative thing I can say about this documentary are the animations, they're a bit cheap and out of place.

PS: Props to Bill Burr as well for being a friend till the end, and pushing for this.

9 / 10

There will never be another...

I just can't help but to get emotional when I think about Patrice, his impact on my life, and what could have been. The documentary is excellent, it covers his childhood, growing up, his start... you see how he became what he is. It also shows what it costs to be like him, someone that stayed loyal to his core... almost to a fault. The right people are featured to talk about him, because they knew him best. I feel sad now feeling the same feeling I did when he died, and it's a feeling of "wow, there's no more new Patrice stuff out there anymore" even though the documentary shows a great amount of never seen before material. I just hope somehow, someway, Patrice gets to know how impactful he was on so many lives.

8 / 10

Always Tell The Truth

Patrice was portrayed honestly by honest people who knew him. You have a right to feel and think however you want, despite what others lead you to believe. As a human being, it's the one right you have - don't self-censor, but be sincere and honest.

Very well edited, I liked the round-table of those involved to collectively discuss his humor and his life, but also have them individually give their feelings. This isn't watered-down, and I highly urge you to check out the unedited version.

I don't want to give any spoilers, so I'll try to be general to serve as a free advertisement for this documentary. I had a feeling it would be good knowing Bill Burr helped produce this, a funny man with integrity, and a friend of Patrice. It's a sad commentary on our lives when the only ones who can tell the truth are stand-up comedians, and that's no longer the case, unless you're grandfathered in like Mort Sahl, but he's been blacklisted repeatedly unfortunately.

As a black man, I find nothing more prejudicial than political correctness. Some rich white old man going to tell ALL black people (or women, Middle-Eastern folks, etc) what they can or cannot handle? Freedom of thought is not allowed. White people aren't the enemy, it's those who have monopolized this earth. In an era of information, it's Big Tech now. Resist.

Patrice O'Neal isn't my favorite comedian, or even a Top 10, but we need more of him. Humor and laughter in general can get at the truth, either by that feeling you get after noticing the irony of our situation, or how you relate to it personally. I was especially moved by hi step-daughter who had some interesting things to say how his humor helped her life.

I wonder how many people know about Patrice Lamumba. Bill Hicks. Mort Sahl. Jim Morrison. Roger Waters. John Lennon. John Cassavetes. Jimmy Hoffa. Marlon Brando. The truth - not what the media picks and chooses to serve their own financial bias.

The more I disagree with something, the more I want to know why. Get out of your comfort zone. With COVID, I think people have had time to evaluate, and finding their (and our) world is lacking soul nutrition. You know what's out there now, try checking out the movies, stand-up comedy, music of the 60s, 70s, and even before that. See if you can come to your own conclusions as to how we got here.

10 / 10


Nice work....i have to say more or the review wont load. Nice choice by the producers. The bar has been raised. I want to think there is more on Patrice to come. But we can rest a min.. right?

8 / 10

An Exciting Achievement

It's impossible to make a documentary about Patrice O'Neal that's as uncompromising as the comic himself. With that in mind, Mike Bonfiglio certainly does his best, and the result stands as an achievement. Patrice O'Neal fans should not be disappointed, in fact they should be thrilled. People unfamiliar with Patrice should be intrigued and disgusted, one can only hope