Passion Play: Russell Westbrook (2021)

Russell Westbrook,
Chronicling the life and career of Russell Westbrook, one of the greatest point guards of all time. Despite his success, he enters the 2021-22 season on his fourth team in three years where he looks to cement his legacy on his own te
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  • Kevin Barth, Writer:
  • Gotham Chopra, Erik LeDrew, Director:
  • Meghan Cirillo, Producer:

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10 / 10

Amazing documentary, It's just straight up facts

It really shows another face of Westbrook and his life off the court . He beat all the odds against him and it's his story , it's raw, it's refreshing and it's straight up facts . The media gets inside the head of an athlete, it's no less than an action movie , where the hero beats all the odds against him. The documentary is simple , it just provides insight of his life and how many stuffs impacted him , and how at the end of the day , even he's a human , and how certain stuff hurts him and how he wants to help his people , community and people around the world . I'm a huge Westbrook fan and he's impacted me so much and I'm not even from USA , I'm from india. Hope one day I can watch the legend himself play live . Overall amazing raw and true watch.

10 / 10

10/10 Bigger than Basketball

Yes the documentary focuses on the positive sides of Russ and yes he is a human that has flaws too... but damn this one was like a fresh breeze of air to the industry... the story unfolds nicely and you get to see the real reasons behind his behavior! He is an incredible guy and a hell of a family man.

I can't but respect this guy and his approach to the game of basketball!

This is btw my first review ever because i want to let everybody know that if you struggling to see this flick and choose not to... you are going to miss out on something!

So go check this one out right now and create your own opinion on Russell Westbrook the often misunderstood Basketball Player, Fashion Guy, Son, Husband and Father.