Party with Me (\N)

Jaclyn Aimee, Allison Flanagan, Justin Hogan, Lauren Parsons,
Party with Me is a movie starring Noah James, Jaclyn Aimee, and Jeremy Tardy. After the sudden death of her distant father, a young woman copes by distracting herself with alcohol, drugs and the antics of her misguided friends.
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  • Michael J. Henderson, Writer:
  • Robyn August, Director:
  • Matthew Stolarz, Producer:

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10 / 10

Let's party!

A heartfelt and funny piece with great acting and directing. Definitely worth a watch!

10 / 10

A good story

This movie tells a really heart wrenching story. The performances from the cast are very good. Overall I was truly impressed, you typically don't see storytelling at this quality in non-studio movies.

7 / 10

Great watch!

The story line for this film was absolutely amazing!

10 / 10

Excellent Watch

Funny, heartfelt, awkward when it was supposed to be. I highly enjoyed and recommend this movie. Great performances from the Cast and beautifully shot by the Crew. Loved the music.