Pandemic (2007)

Tiffani Thiessen, French Stewart, Faye Dunaway, Eric Roberts, Vincent Spano, Bob Gunton, Michael Massee, Shashawnee Hall, Stephen Ramsey, Jo Champa,
Pandemic is a TV series starring Tiffani Thiessen, French Stewart, and Faye Dunaway. The bird flu virus spreads through Los Angeles as a doctor from the CDC races to find a vaccine.
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/ 10

This might have been an interesting movie. The storyline of a pandemicspreading like wildfire may be a cliché, but when done well, could havebeen decent. Unfortunately, I saw this movie and simply had to laugh atthings that were not taken care of anywhere near a "real world"scenario. For instance, if you were trying to keep 6 million people inone place, you'd use more than a single wooden 2x4 painted barricadeacross the road.

An interesting premise, but that's all it is - a premise that went intoproduction as a "movie" without any further thought.

The B-list-at-best cast certainly doesn't help.

I grade it as 3/10 for being bad enough to be laughable, but not makeme throw things at the screen.

6/10 / 10

It seem like a low budget version of the Steven Soderbergh picture,Contagion Like the Soderbergh movie, it has an ensemble cast, but notas all-star as Contagion, unless your huge fans of Tiffani Thiessen(Iwas more into Jesse Spano), French Stewart of Third rock and low budgetmovie icon, Eric Roberts. Faye Dunaway is also in the made for TV film.

The cast of characters have to deal with a virus coming from Australiathat landed in Los Angeles. Pandemic is quite long which make me thinkthat it may have been a miniseries packaged on DVD as a movie, but in away that help to weave out a full fledge story without having to worryabout missing a few elements of the story and the subplots, which werecompelling.

Thumbs up for me.

4/10 / 10

Given any good story you need a good topic, premise, plot, focus andcharacter. Given a story of scientific and legal in nature a writermust have good familiarity in these realm. He has none of it. It's amade for t.v. show. Given a good story line, most amateur writing willfocus on too many characters, in this case, a wanted criminal, a riflecrazed man, a rogue FBI agent, two politicians competing for power, anall powerful CDC officer who don't really have a power, and the not tooserious emergency response team. Characters are cardboard cliché', aplot whose ending found a cure for her daughter who got Riptide? Thepremise is too unbelievable, the plot lacks focus. This writer shouldwatch more blockbusters. Originally one of the best movie Rwanda Hotelhad too many characters, until the writer found out and decided tofocus on one man. Most movies are focused on relatively few major actornot exceeding 2-3. Take Something's Gotta Give, Jerry Maguire, RainMan, Die Hard, for example focused on relatively few characters, mostly2-3 making up 80% of the movie screen. And those characters are astrong one, take the Dark Knight, the Joker, Batman, Superman, SnowWhite, etc. Given the basics, there is problem about the lack ofunderstanding protocols and laws. The CDC, just can't walk aroundeverywhere, certain laws have to be considered when an act ofquarantine is considered. For one thing, the first law is Title 42United States Code Section 264 (Section 361 of the Public HealthService Act) gives the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS)responsibility for preventing the introduction, transmission, andspread of communicable diseases from foreign countries into the UnitedStates and within the United States and its territories/possessions.The second issue of the President, by Executive Order, which is Underthe procedures required under the PHS Act, the list of diseases forwhich quarantine is authorized must first be specified in an ExecutiveOrder of the President, on recommendation of the HHS Secretary. Byamending the list to include types of influenza that either cause orhave the potential to cause a pandemic. As to the knowledge of Tamifland ways or eradicating the virus, where are sanitation procedures, inplace? The seriousness of quarantine, the authority's control over thesituation, the closing of public places, the media frenzy into thearea, the military action in closing off the area, instead of CDCgiving the "idea" of closing off the region. The sudden shock of death.The movie is like there is fire in the house, and people are walkingout of the house while they are sleepwalking. If there's any problemabout making movies, it's the crappy writing I see all the time. Toprevent this I believe that each scenes or plots are organized intomodules where parts can be deleted, and characters are focused only 2-3character through an entire time line of events, and the methodology ofquarantine control, should ignore the obvious solution such asvaccines, someone who is immunized to the disease, and other cliché'sso common in virus plagued. And in any T.V. drama, people should startbeing more serious of the circumstances instead of just waking in theirsleep. In any event H3N7 virus and other things are interesting, butsanitation, and organized quarantine procedures the writer hasdifficult understanding the magnitude of the problem, as in most t.v.shows I have seen. To make a good story, the character must huff andpuff until the house is blown down. It doesn't start by just sleepwalking around the house either.

7 / 10

Pandemic: Quite entertaining all things considered

Virus themed movies tend to follow the same formula, and for that reason I always struggle to enjoy them as I already know exactly how it's going to play out.

With an all star cast including Tiffani Thiessen, French Stewart, Faye Dunaway, Eric Roberts to name just a few they pull out all the stops and a couple give career best performances.

Telling the story of a new virus outbreak and how it breaks containment and spreads through Los Angeles like wildfire.

Standing at almost three hours in length nobody can say the movie isn't thorough. With fantastic character development, decent writing and a competent cast this rises above most films of this sub genre.

Thiessen surprisingly delivers like I've never seen her do so before and even Roberts is less hammy than usual.

I enjoyed this, for all it's flaws it's a well made film.

The Good:

Cast do a great job

Well written

Movie length really helps no end

The Bad:

A lot of it you'll have seen before

Spano is still stupidly unlikeable

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

Gun toting right wing militia types doing stupid things?! LIES!

6 / 10

100% generic, but still enjoyable...

When I found "Pandemic" I was a bit hesitant to sit down and watch it, because it had Tiffani Thiessen in the lead role, and for some reason she will always be associated with playing Kelly in "Saved by the Bell" and Valerie in "Beverly Hill 90210". But I still decided to give it a go, because the synopsis did sound interesting enough.

Sure, the storyline is fairly generic and has been done many times before in other similar movies. The storyline is about a rampant disease that is out of control and threatens mankind. The future of mankind hangs at the balance in the hands of a very select few people determined to save it all.

"Pandemic" was entertaining actually for what it turned out to be, and despite being such a generic storyline, there were actually some enjoyable moments throughout the course of the movie. And the storyline actually was entertaining, although it has already been seen before in other such disease movies. The movie is not without its flaws, trust you me, but I will let you pinpoint them by yourself.

My initial reservations towards Tiffani Thiessen were actually put to shame, because she really performed quite well here in this movie, and proved that she has indeed stepped out of those "Saved by the Bell" and "Beverly Hills 90210" shackles. It was somewhat odd to witness French Stewart in a serious role such as this, and he did feel like a fish out of water. Faye Dunaway and Eric Roberts also made some short appearances in the movie and actually did flavor up the movie with their grace and charms.

"Pandemic" is nowhere near being a masterpiece, nor is it an innovative or revolutionary movie in the disease genre - if there is such a genre. But it still turned out to be entertaining and enjoyable.

If you have about almost 3 hours to spare, got "Pandemic" at hand, and have nothing else to do, then perhaps do sit down to watch it. Who knows, you might actually just find it surprisingly enjoyable as I did.

My rating of "Pandemic" is 6 out of 10 stars.