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Ashlynn Yennie, Louis Mandylor, Augie Duke, Yorgos Karamihos,
Antidote is a movie starring Ashlynn Yennie, Louis Mandylor, and Augie Duke. A young woman is held captive in an underground medical facility where selected individuals are perpetually mutilated and then healed using a secret...
  • 5.1 /10.0 IMDB Rating:
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  • 2020-03-05 Added:
  • Matthew Toronto, Writer:
  • Peter Daskaloff, Director:
  • Alexi Stavrou, Producer:


9 / 10

Not From Phizer or Moderna

Antidote is a good thriller with a novel approach. It offers a number of surprises, which are always welcome and appreciated. Excellent and strong performances all around, especially from two of the leads, Ashlynn Yennie and Louis Mandylor. The director Peter Daskaloff and cinimatographer Lucas Pitassi do yeoman's work. A must see for all those interested in this genre!

10 / 10

Will keep you on edge

The twist in this film is worth the chilling atmosphere and time Peter crafts. Thoroughly enjoyed this film -

1 / 10


If filmmakers would stop making fake profiles or telling their friends and family to give their films a 10/10, their works had a real chance to be judged by their craft.

And no i didn't watch it, just these fake rating pss me off.

1 / 10

My cockroaches were entertained at least

I made an account just to give this movie a bad rating. Don't watch, not worth. Special effects at the ending were phenomenal. Green screen was a 10/10.

5 / 10

This was NOT terrible

Seems a little familiar in the horror genre. A woman with appendicitis goes to a hospital and wakes up in a prison like hospital. What she discovers changes every thing. This was watchable. Not great, but the story held out pretty well with a decent ending.