Pacerville (2022)

Brian Austin Green, Makena Taylor, Acorye' White, David Valdes,
During the pandemic, a burned out teacher on the verge of a breakdown overhears his students making fun of him in a zoom class and vows revenge.
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4 / 10

Wants to be many things.

This movie wants to be a revenge movie but falls short. It also wants to be a slasher movie with guns, and falls short. To get an idea of the caliber of this movie, the main character is a history teacher with only four students. They couldn't even afford some BG actors to make even half a class. The rest of the budget was spent on a bit of fake blood.

4 / 10

Cracking on Covid

Brian Austin Green lost his wife, his daughter, and all respect on campus. So, he goes crazy. Throw in some covid masks and you have a bad C thriller done on a budget.

4 / 10

Brian Austin Green trying to be Jake Johnson

Just something about the beard, his mannerisms and tone of voice tells me that the casting director wanted Jake Johnson but perhaps couldn't afford him or maybe he declined knowing it would be a bomb.

That being said, pretty average revenge film really. Not enough grit nor substance. Not even any frontal nudity. I think the writer may have had a message in their somewhere but failed to execute it.

4 / 10

Generic and lacking thrills...

Granted, I will be the first to admit that I wasn't really expecting "Last the Night" to be a particularly great movie, given the fact that the movie was starring Brian Austin Green. Yeah, I can't claim to be harboring much interest in him as an action, nor as a musician for that matter.

However, since "Last the Night" was a movie that I hadn't already seen and given the fact that I had the opportunity to watch it, of course I gave it a chance.

I must say that writers Tom Chilcoat and Nick Leisure didn't exactly churn out an edge-of-your-seat thriller here with this movie. Sure, the movie can be watched once, but that is about it. The storyline in the movie was somewhat far fetched and didn't really have much of any thrill to it. So it was somewhat monotonous and predictable.

The acting performances in "Last the Night" were adequate, taking into consideration the type of movie that this was. However, it was just even more difficult to take Brian Austin Green seriously with that scruffy, dead animal glued to the lower part of his face.

If you enjoy thrillers then "Last the Night" is not a particularly exciting movie.

My rating of "Last the Night", from director Nick Leisure, lands on a generous four out of ten stars.

3 / 10

Somewhat suspenseful but pretty dumb

IN A NUTSHELL:During the pandemic, a burned-out teacher on the verge of a breakdown overhears his students making fun of him in a zoom class and vows revenge.

The violent movie was directed by Nick Leisure with co-writing help from Tom Chilcoat. Nick Leisure also

With all of the school shootings and revenge murders we've had lately in this country, this movie seems problematic and will hit a disturbing chord with many viewers.

THINGS I LIKED:The cast includes Brian Austin Green and a group of politically-correct diverse teens: Eve Mauro, Makena Taylor, Acorye White, and David Valdes.

It's fairly suspenseful.

A lot of high school teachers will be able to relate to the many frustrations the protagonist has with his job, especially during the pandemic. I personally know teachers who quit their jobs during the Covid quarantine because it was so stressful for them.

THINGS I DIDN'T LIKE:None of the characters are likable at all. The problem with that is you don't feel invested in anyone living or dying. They're all terrible people, so you might even want them all to die.

What public high school class only has 4 students in it? The budget must have been very low that it couldn't afford a few Extras.

I've always enjoyed suspenseful thrillers that go on for hours to feature characters trying to survive an entire night against all odds. The ordeal at the school seemed to only last a couple of hours.

There are a few super cheesy scenes with melodramatic music in Act 3.

TIPS FOR PARENTS:Profanity, a million F-bombs, and crude languageViolenceTeens talk about intimate relationsTeens drink alcoholA teenage boy is naked. We see a quick view from the back, although other characters react to seeing him from the front.

A security guard smokes weed.

We see bloody murders.

A teen flips the bird a couple of times.

Paintball guns and real guns are used.

THEMES:RevengeAuthorityPublic educationPandemicPaintballPoliticsDisrespect to teachersHubris

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