Own the Room (2021)

Own the Room is a movie starring Alondra Toledo, Daniela Blanco, and Henry Onyango. Follows five students and their journey as they compete to win Global Student Entrepreneur Awards.
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  • 2021-04-10 Added:
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  • Cristina Costantini, Darren Foster, Director:
  • Rupert Maconick, Jeff Plunkett, Producer:


10 / 10

Beautifully Done

Showing the struggles and perseverance of these kids to achieve their dreams at GSEA was so touching and real. Each one with their own set of challenges put my own world into perspective. The only aprt I didn't agree with the glossing over of why Henry was stopped and not allowed into Macau the first time. It highlighted that he was the only candidate stopped and not allowed in, and he was also the only Africa candidate of the group featured. That experience of being turned away because of your skin color could have been extrapolated on a little more. Its a real human experience.

10 / 10

Electrifying! A beautiful storyline

Electrifying! The documentary follows 5 different people who are globally so distanced. The individuals come together for GSEA Global Finals in Macau and you can't help but feel so utterly connected to their stories and mission. They each strive to bring an entrepreneurial opportunity to life. Immigration and displacement are a common theme as ultimately they come from towns and villages where people have fled and immigrated from yet they felt a sense of connection of staying and linking the pursuit of their work to higher goals. Where we come from does not define where we are going - this quote rings true throughout the entire film! 5 stars all around! Beautifully captures and a riveting storyline from the start.

This documentary showcases that youth are not lost - they are indeed the ones pushing the limits.

10 / 10

Feel good documentary that leaves you inspired and motivated

The contestants that were covered in this documentary made you really feel invested in them and their success. This is the type of energy and people we need to highlight in our world!

Really enjoyed watching this documentary and it was a great pick me up for my heart <3

10 / 10

cinematography & pursuit of success

I just love the way that documentary was filmed with their background, achievements etc., An interesting story of young entrepreneurs and their positive energy.

I enjoyed watching the whole thing without skipping a single scene lol

9 / 10

Amazing stories brilliantly told

Such a great insight into the world of young entrepreneurs, brilliantly shot and a great storytelling. Give it a watch!