Open (2021)

Pippa Bennett-Warner, Jack Eve, Oliver Johnstone,
A former professional golfer attempts to qualify for The Open Championship having taken a break from the game due to experiencing a trauma. On his comeback he meets a woman who is recovering from a trauma of her own. The peace and be
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9 / 10

What a rewarding watch!

Jack Eve is the main player in this movie, in more ways than one. Actor, director, scriptwriter, editor. He lets his brother in in charge of the music and is joined by two great young actors, most notably Pippa Bennett-Warner as the love interest.

The setting of the South Downs in England is beautiful and the story unfolds smoothly. Sporting aspiration, recent tragedy, re-surfacing and a human tornado entering his life. Flashbacks, edits from earlier Open Championships and personal turmoil.

The plot moves along very nicely and the dialogue is witty and charming. Lots to think about and admire in this great Summer movie.

10 / 10

Very Engaging

Make no mistake, this is a limited budget movie.

But great movie makers always start somewhere!

And I found this movie to be very engaging.

I watched it because I love sports was less about sport and more about interaction between two people attracted to one another.

It's probably not for everyone, but it's certainly for thinkers.

10 / 10

A well done movie.

What a way to tell a wonderful story. Really enjoyed it.

9 / 10

Refreshing authentic quality

So many movies fall short on content and to compensate stack on the gizmos: effects, violence, you know the standard fare..

That this movies takes place on the quiet of an empty golf course in the quiet of the day between two characters (and a third close by) and remains utterly captivating speaks to the beauty of its presentation and depth. Its real life, albiet real life at its very best: one of those magical rare moments of honesty and connection. The acting is spot on, the dialogue charming and well measured, the visual and setting as much a character as the actors themselves.

So many movies go full "Hollywood", that overblown over the top if one scoop of sugar or explosion is good then more must be better. If those are cheap fast food full of cheap ingredients, the "Open" is an organic salad. Its a beautiful story where technique dissolves and the viewer is allowed without distraction to step into the story itself. Like that salad, one is left feeling all the better for it.

10 / 10

A very engaging movie!

I really enjoyed watching it as the story was very touching and well played.

Definitely, recommend watching!