Ooga Booga (2013)

Karen Black, Gregory Blair, Ciarra Carter, Patrick Holder,
Ooga Booga follows an innocent African American medical student who is brutally murdered by a dirty cop, but his soul is magically transferred into an action figure named Ooga Booga. With only his tribal spear and old girlfriend t...
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8 / 10

Ooga Boogawesome!

The long awaited Ooga Booga spin-off has finally arrived, and it is pretty much everything a B film junkie could ask for. Killer cameos, a respectable body-count,and enough satirical racism to make Quentin Taratino blush. That being said, the film is obviously low-budget, so to all of you Roger Eberts out there, please, be gentle, take it for what it is, and just remember that it might be trash, but its blatant trash, and of course, all in good fun. Stacey Keach is great as the heaviest of cracker villains as he commands an army of neo-Nazis as he unknowingly faces off against a devilishly un-p.c. Tribal doll named Ooga Booga. Armed with a spear and possessed by a revenge hungry African American who was unjustly murdered in cold blood, this doll goes on safari, hunting down every last racist who had a hand in his death. Can you say camp heaven?

4 / 10

If You Expected More, It's Your Own Darm Fault

Just where would we be without Full Moon Features? The production company have given us such classic films as The Puppet Master, Trancers (I-VI, no less), Evil Bong and The Gingerbread Man. Indeed, without these wonderfully catchy and kitchy DVD options, I would have had a many Saturday afternoon staring at my navel wondering just how fascinating watching paint dry could possibly be.

The latest Full Moon production to coax its way into my DVD player is Ooga Booga – a likely cult-classic that is a take on Tom Holland's 1988 classic, Child's Play. Featuring a cast that has the twisted arms of actors Stacey Keach and Karen Black participating, Ooga Booga tells the story of Devin, an African American med student who is innocently killed only to come back in the form of a 16-inch cannibal doll named (wait for it??) Ooga Booga.

Devin's soul inside Ooga Booga doesn't allow him to talk (he can make native cannibal noises though), so Ooga Booga uses his spear to write words to communicate with his girlfriend who helps Ooga exact revenge on gangs, judges, cops and just about anyone else that did him wrong during the final hours of his human life.

The effects are laughable which, I am sure, is exactly what producer/director Charles Band was attempting to achieve. Band has produced over 250 films in his storied career, but anyone who has put money and effort into Zombies vs. Strippers and The Dead Want Women knows a thing or two about tongue-in-cheek horror films. Ooga Booga is able to blink, shake and move his arms. But there are no expected Academy Awards in the film's future for visual effects.

The violence is less than can be expected in a Sharknado. Ooga Booga can spear people in the eye but outside of that knack he is about as threatening as Andy Dick is to my relationship with my wife.

Luckily, Stacey Keach and Karen Black in one of her last roles, come out unscathed. They have terrible lines of which they are contracted to convey but with taglines that included, "Beyond Django?." And "He's 16 inches, with an attitude!", they both knew this was paycheck cashing time.

Yet, despite its bad humor, overt racism, bad effects and simplistic plot, Ooga Booga does provide some entertainment. You just can't take your eyes off the ridiculousness of the main character and the idea is so outlandish that executives at Syfy must be scratching their heads asking themselves why they didn't think of it first.


1 / 10

Wow, that was a pathetic excuse of a movie.

This review is being kind to say the least, when I say that this is the worst B horror movie ever made. The writing is so poor it probably was written by a twelve year old. The only redeeming quality is how hilarious it is because of how badly it is made and how corny the acting is. I tried my best to stomach the horror of this slow moving, idiotic, so called horror. In the end I couldn't finish it for fear that I would never get the forty five min remaining back. I felt ashamed that I even entertained it past the opening credits. Whoever made this film should be banned from making any more horrible horror's. Anyone who paid to see it should get a refund.

7 / 10

Ooga Drag

Ooga Booga is a little doll with a spear who kills bad, racist white guys. It starts off with a kids TV show where a drunken clown named Hambo is backstage drinking while a young woman in daisy dukes and tied shirt cheers the little monsters on. They chant "Hambo" "Hambo" until we see the man sitting in a chair boozing it up and getting off while reading a Playboy magazine. When he finally appears on stage, he insults the tykes while almost molesting his nubile co-host. Unfortunately, it is the only funny moment in this film. A young black medical student is Hambo's best friend, and he is given the Ooga Booga doll as a gift. The doll comes to life when the med student is killed by a redneck cop. The victims beautiful girlfriend, Donna, teams up with the doll to seek revenge on the bad guys. The strangest part is when Karen Black pops up in a trailer playing a recluse who lives for her TV shows. Stacy Keach is cast as a corrupt judge, also dislikes black people. Ciarra Carter, as Donna, has what may be the most bizarre shower scene in the history of cinema, as the horny devil doll watches her washing up while he performs a solo sex act. Instead of this, look for "Trilogy of Terror" from 1975, where Karen Black also shared the screen with a small, violent doll.

1 / 10

Waste of 90 minutes

Saw a trailer for this online, and it looked like one of those must see "so bad, it's good" type B-Movies. Turns out it is the single worst film I ever watched in my life, and the producers should be ashamed of themselves for failing this badly to make something watchable.

It played like a middle of the road porn movie, only with most of the sexy parts cut out. The scenes dragged, as though there was no script (or the actors struggled to remember their lines), the death scenes were tame to say the least, and the laughs few and far between, the Shower scene the only real out loud moment. The weird Hambo thing at the beginning was promising, maybe if they ran with that as the killer it could have worked.

Avoid if you value your time!