On the Come Up (\N)

Story centers on 16-year-old Bri, who wants to be one of the greatest rappers of all time. Facing controversies and with an eviction notice staring down her family, Bri doesn't just want to make it, she has to make it.
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  • George Tillman Jr., Director:
  • Marty Bowen, John Fischer, Isaac Klausner, Jay Marcus, Robert Teitel, Angie Thomas, Producer:

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5 / 10


Not the best representation of Battle rap ..it's like a mixture of 8mile and what they thought battle rap was now .. decent storyline to keep you watching but I just wish there more realistic parts. To the naked eye I guess it seems so but from a person who is in battle culture it's very far fetched. Decent acting & kept my attention so I'll give it tht. I probably wouldn't watch it twice but it was ok for the first watch..a lot of new talent I'd like to see in the future as well as good guest appearances. Even tho this seems like a Netflix original I can see why it wasn't but overall this was an alright movie if your a Hop hop fan.

5 / 10

Not terrible, but quite predictable and a bit bland.

One of those movies that surely aint bad, but isnt excelling in any way, shape or form either.

What we have here is a story of a young African Amercan schoolgirl who is struggling at school, but finds out she has got a talent for rap music.

What we get to see is a detailed portrait of the rise in success of her rap music career. In between we get to see several racism issues being highlighted.

The acting is okay. So is the direction. The story isnt terrible, but very predictable and that is my main complaint with this movie: it is lacking originality and it is lacking in true drama as well.

Not a bad movie, just too predictable and a bit lacking in spark and punch.

10 / 10


This movie was completely amazing I love this movie I have the book the book is more better cuz it has more details but the movie was still amazing whoever rated this movie a one or two they're definitely a racist or stupid because this movie is awesome. I don't know why you would rate this one or two this movie deserves a 10 straight up 10 me and my family watch this movie all together we all enjoyed it it was very very good to watch to those who haven't watched this movie you need to see it now especially to the people of color who haven't seen this movie you will like this movie so much it's awesome.

6 / 10

Felt like the most gangster after school special I ever seen.

So there is a message in the movie that resonates loud and clear about rappers rapping about what is true to them. You can't hide from the message as it engulfs the movie so much that I left like I was watching an ABC flick for kids about doing drugs or something.

I will give director and actor Sanaa Lathan some credit for the movie not being corny. It had the justification of such guys like Mike Epps and Method Man acting in the film. It also adds coolness by having Lil Yachty play a rapper in the film. In addition, the rhymes (written by Rapsody) where descent (and I can only say descent only because the battle rapper rhythm that the movie takes is not my thing).

It was obvious what the overall point of the movie was, but the film does not beat us over the head with it. I also like certain subplots blend with the main plot. Like the natural romance between two young gay men, which was seen as no big deal to the story, and the story of a mother staying off drugs.

It is a good movie but when I saw it was both on Paramount Plus and in theaters, I could have stayed home to see it.

4 / 10

Overly-Ambitious Film on Entertaintment - On the Come Up

This film is not really about people of color alone; it is a universal theme for all races. I want to be successful, and i want to be the best of all time. These are very nice, but overly lofty goals. One only sets one's self up for disappointment when we aim too high. It is good to aim high, but a term such as ONE of the best in any field is more than enough of a goal for anyone in any field. This is why gifted children fail so often; they set unrealistic goals which eventually result in disappointment. I am sure audiences will find the film entertaining, but it should not be held up as an example for inspiration; it is merely a daydream.