Old Guard (\N)

The Old Guard is a movie starring Charlize Theron, KiKi Layne, and Matthias Schoenaerts. A covert team of immortal mercenaries are suddenly exposed and must now fight to keep their identity a secret just as an unexpected new member...
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  • Leandro Fernandez, Greg Rucka, Writer:
  • Gina Prince-Bythewood, Director:
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8 / 10

Doesn't quite live up to the Graphic Novel, but still good enough

If you have read the Graphic Novel before watching this, you are likely going to be disappointed because the novel is so much better.

It is grander, Andy is more bad as*, more flashbacks about their old life, and the action scenes are much more spectacular.

If you haven't read the novel and just watched this, I think you will still find it entertaining enough though. And I would highly recommend that you get the Graphic Novel afterwards.

7 / 10


Love the concept, execution is not bad (there are some cringy & forced parts), but the music really annoys me. Doesn't fit the tone of the film at all.

8 / 10

What action movies r meant to be.

The action and the fighting scenes were great! They choreographed the fighting perfectly

8 / 10

Good Action-Movie

Actually a Great Action-Movie with good Fights and a Lot of Violence !

The Story is good and there is a lot of Potential for 1-2 Sequels and i seriously hope they make them

Charlize Theron just doen′t get old it seems, that Woman is abssolutly Bad-Ass !

My Biggest Point Of Criticism is the Musik in the Movie, so freaking annoying and just bad, bad, bad , sorry, but that was seriously the biggest turn-off for me while watching the movie

All in All, Great Action, Good Story, Lots Of Potencial for Sequel(s) , good Acting but horrible Choice of Music in the Movie

8 / 10

Greetings From Germany

10 / 10

Good film

I was looking forward to this film after seeing the trailer and knowing Charlize Theorn is in it. It did not dissappoint. Good story and nice action.