Oh' It's Personal (2019)

Manipulated is a movie starring Traci Lords, Gail O'Grady, and Michael Paré. Manipulated is a taut Drama, Mystery, Whodunnit with an ensemble cast. Diane Conrad, district attorney, is under extreme pressure to resolve a case that...
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6 / 10

Good acting problematic script

Lots of twists, some believable, most not. Script leaves a lot of holes and shows a lack of knowledge of police procedurals.

10 / 10


My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Every time you thought you had it figured out another twist came in the story. This is a movie you will be thinking about days later. Fast paced and intriguing. Excellent job by the actors. I hope there's a sequel!!

9 / 10

Outstanding Whodunnit

An outstanding and well-crafted whodunnit...Had me on the edge of my seat trying to solve the mystery... Actors were very believable. .Loved it!!!!

9 / 10

Now that was a treat!

I'm a sucker for these types of movies. I saw it on Amazon prime as a suggestion so a read the set up and took a chance. I was glad I did. Reminded me a lot of Hitchcock's Rope where most of the film takes place in one room. You can tell it didn't have a big budget but the cast was so good it didn't matter. I only knew Chase Masterson from DS9 and she was lovely. In Manipulated I was blown away at how good she was! Don't get me wrong they were all fantastic. Kelly Perine was an excellent choice and can clearly see why he got the lead. I don't want to go into any spoilers but all I'll say is "I didn't see that coming!" Wanna escape for 90 mins and see a great who done it? See this film. Smart writing along with excellent performances is the perfect entertaining combination.

10 / 10

Worth Watching..really enjoyed

We both watched it and it had us guessing all the way through..enjoyed the characters, hope they make another one. Good characters and plenty of twists. Traci was great too.