Oceans Apart: Greed, Betrayal and Pacific Island Rugby (2020)

Dan Leo, Inoke Afeaki, Ben Atiga, Frank Bunce,
Oceans Apart: Greed, Betrayal and Pacific Island Rugby is a movie starring Dan Leo, Inoke Afeaki, and Ben Atiga. Presented by former Samoa rugby player Dan Leo, who sacrificed his own career to confront corruption in his national...
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  • Callum Drummond, Axel Haudiquet, Director:
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10 / 10

Watch it even if you don't like rugby

This doc exposes the inequalities and injustices built into international rugby (as well as corruption in Pacific Island rugby at a national level). You don't need to care about rugby to be interested in this story.

9 / 10

Powerful and hard hitting

Like many of the players from the region this documentary is hard hitting and will hopefully have a big impact.

It clearly shows the inequality and obvious imbalance in power that exists in the rugby hierarchy which is not open to change.

Shows that rugby is ran at the top by people who do not encompass the values that rugby prides itself on

10 / 10

Hard hitting and shocking facts

It's a shame this documentary has to exist, but it does a great job of exposing the corruption in world rugby and highlighting the struggles faced by Pacific Islanders. A very well-made documentary, let's hope it makes a difference to how Tier 2 teams are treated

10 / 10

An eye opening must watch

What an amazing, eye opening watch into Pacific rugby. The documentary is a truthful story, that gives so many valuable and deserving people a voice that they haven't had in the same way before. Dan Leo gives light to such an important topic and Callum Drummond's cinematography brings the story to life in an amazing way.

10 / 10

A must see for anyone who likes equality and rugby.

Simply brilliant. A deep thought provoking informative piece that's exposes the self serving nature of tier one nations. It also shows the incompetence of World Rugby and their willingness to restrict the growth of the game for short term financial gain and not long term sustainability.