Oasis Knebworth 1996 (2021)

Liam Gallagher, Noel Gallagher, Paul Arthurs, Alan White, Paul McGuigan, Beth Banks,
On 10th and 11th August 1996, 250,000 young music fans converged on Knebworth Park to see Oasis play two record breaking, era defining shows. The landmark concerts sold out in under a day with over 2% of the UK population attempting
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1Englishsubtitle Oasis Knebworth 1996 download


10 / 10


Arguably one of the most iconic gigs from one of the biggest 90s bands ever, this documentary (and accompanying soundtrack - available as as old-school album or on Spotify) chronicles Oasis' two incredible nights at Knebworth Park in August 1996, playing to 250,000 fans.

Appropriately, this documentary focuses on the fans, with numerous accounts of getting tickets (back when you had to either physically wait in line or call a ticket hotline), travelling to Knebworth Park, and the gig itself, or fans at home taping the Sunday night gig from the radio (which required incredible skill and timing).

There's also interviews with Noel, Liam and Bonehead to top it off.

This is Oasis at the peak of their powers (especially Liam's vocals), before the infighting between the brothers took up all the headlines as the hype of 'Oasismania' began to fade away.

Crucially, there's no cutaways to talking heads in a lone room here: all of the footage is in the here and now of 1996. It makes the concert even more magical as you're transported to a time with no smart phones, no social media, and no texting - this allows everyone (including the band) to soak in the moment and the history.

If you're after a more comprehensive account of Oasis' history, check out the 2016 documentary "Supersonic": this one is for the fans, and about being in the moment for two of the biggest nights in rock and roll history.

7 / 10

Great snapshot into the 90's music scene

Watching this remembering being in the crowd filled me with sort of joy and sorrow of how good Oasis were in the beginning and how much the 2 men childs leading the band messed it all upGreat documentary on a fantastic time to have been alive , going to gigs with Cool Britannia in full swing

I just wished Liam and Noel called it quits after Knebworth '96 as it was all down hill ever since.

9 / 10

This is HISTORY!

An incredible moment in time becomes even more incredible in hindsight. No phones, no cameras, no internet.... just the good old days. A huge band captured at their greatest height as they deliver a rock solid performance just before the money, fame, and drugs took one last gargantuan bite and never returned Oasis the same. Excellent cinematography and sound accompany the festivities, but I do believe the true star of this is the crowd. All 125,000 per night, singing, dancing, bouncing to every note. Such a beautiful thing to watch for anyone with a heartbeat!

10 / 10

Era defining is right.

This is what people who don't like Oasis will never understand. Sure, there are technically better bands and there are more competent lyricists, stronger vocalists, better singers and more proficient musicians but what that band MEANT to people, well, that can't be bought or taught.

Oasis were a band of the people, for the people. For two nights to still resonate so strongly 25 years later that a film is made about them says it all. It wasn't about gimmicks, pyrotechnic light shows, 360 degree revolving stages, pyramids, dancers and 40 costume changes. It was about 250,000 people forgetting their troubles, forgetting themselves and singing along to every word as five lads from a council estate lived the dreams of every single member of the audience and millions more around the world.

My fear is that such a musical moment may never happen again. The world has changed; the optimism of the 90's has given way to fear, mistrust and falsehoods. Films like this are a welcome reminder that society used to be so much more cohesive and maybe, just maybe, we can get back there.

10 / 10

Left me teary eyed

Not being a big oasis fan before I saw this, the film really shows you how much the band meant and still means to people. I left the theatre believing that oasis truly were the real deal.