Noxious (2018)

Lily Cardone, Devon Hughes, Michael Milhoan, Alissa Schneider, Lance 'Monster' Washburn,
A fatal oil spill, an explosion and toxic waste collide in the Gulf of Mexico and the results spawn a noxious mutation that terrorizes a beach community. Police sergeant (Devon Hughes)leads the investigation against an unscrupulous C
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  • Diana Riggs, Writer:
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1 / 10

Beyond bad...REALLY BAD!

Very few movie titles actually sum up in one word the quality of its contents. This one does in spades. Awful on all levels. Not a shred of anything worth watching. Another example of a so-called "filmmaker" attempting to make a movie when it is obvious that they have no talent for filmmaking and don't understand movies at all.AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

1 / 10

Troma wannabe but without the laughs

I had to recheck if this film was supposed to be a horror comedy. Typical "toxic spill/dump zombie movie. Nothing original, not funny (intentionally or otherwise). Horrible acting, cliche stereotypes. Bad FX. If this was a student film, I'd give it a 3 for effort but it's not. It's really a 0/10 flick

1 / 10

Absolutely awful!

Couldn't hang in there through the incredibly bad "acting" long enough to see a zombie.

1 / 10

Tremendously AWFUL!!!!!

Where to begin? The non-acting....the non directing....the complete lack of understanding of even the basics of story telling and filmmaking. Too long,,,way too long. should have been 80 minutes at best, but it is over two hours stupid is that?

3 / 10


I just wanted someone to say Dee von get the table. Watch if you like retired wrestlers. Jimmy hart is in it. 3 stars for De von greatest tag team ever.