Nostradamus (2000)

Rob Estes, Joely Fisher, Fintan McKeown, David Millbern,
A policeman must stop a medieval cult, who plan to bring about armageddon by summoning the spirit of Nostradamus.
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  • Stephen P. Jarchow, David Bourla, Brian Irving, Writer:
  • Tibor Takács, Director:
  • Paul Colichman, Mark R. Harris, Producer:

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3 / 10

Time travelling killer monk nonsense

Tibor Takacs is the guy who once directed the fun, cheesy kid's horror flick THE GATE back in the 1980s. Ever since he's seemed to pride himself in churning out one cheesy B-movie after another, and NOSTRADAMUS is a case in point. It's an entirely ridiculous sci-fi thriller in which a homicide detective and his colleagues find themselves battling time-travelling killer French monks who are hell-bent on bringing Nostradamus into the modern era.

With shades of TERMINATOR 2, THE X-FILES, and even THE MATRIX, NOSTRADAMUS is a very silly film that has little to do with the prophet of legend. Instead it's an entirely ordinary B-movie, with poor CGI effects and some very cheesy action. The plot is very slight, which means the narrative is padded out with boring romantic sub-plots and the like; plus there are no interesting cast members. Generally this film is a dud and one best forgotten.

8 / 10

A decent production

Not a bad movie if you're into fictitious supernatural movies. Plenty of twists n the ending is decent enough.

An interesting plot with a few holes in it but they were overcome by the story line.

If you love the unknown or the escapism then this is for you.

I recommend watching this movie if you like detective/Sci fi.

7 / 10

i don't get it

monks traveling through time with machine guns - FBI agents who dress like prostitutes by choice - mr hunky who is really nostradamus but doesn't know it yet - and enough paradoxes to drive you bonkers...

i don't know why i sat through most of this movie - i guess i kept hoping it would get better, or maybe it was the sexy fbi chick - i lasted about 1.5 hours, then gave up and went to bed.

if you've got nothing better to do, then by all means, watch this really stupid movie...

7 / 10

Above average time-travel movie

This movie was superior to most of its type. Rob Estes and Joely Fisher were excellent together and definitely made the film watchable. As with most Sci-Fi films some parts required the viewer to be very open-minded but Estes & Fisher overcame this element.

8 / 10

Time travel lite

A cop - investigating a series of strange deaths, teams up with a psychic, and delves into the world of time travelling monks from medieval France (and finds out a little about his own past, or is that future, along the way)

Smacking all the while of being a pilot episode for what could - perhaps - have developed into an interesting series, the film lacks a little polish. However, it's still quite watchable, and certainly killed a dull hour and a half.

Never going to be an all time great, but with demons, time travel, and spontaneous combustion, it's not all bad.