Nine Months (1995)

Hugh Grant, Julianne Moore, Tom Arnold, Joan Cusack,
When he finds out his longtime girlfriend is pregnant, a commitment-phobe realizes he might have to change his lifestyle for better or much, much worse.
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  • Patrick Braoudé, Writer:
  • Chris Columbus, Director:
  • Michael Barnathan, Anne François, Mark Radcliffe, Producer:


/ 10

'Nine Months' is another typical romantic comedy. It has its funnymoments. It has its unfunny moments (especially the toilet humour).While, in my opinion, the film could have been a great comedy, some ofthe humour is just flat and forced into the screenplay. Generallyspeaking, it's not a bad film.

Chris Columbus's direction isn't exactly bad as he does manage to make'Nine Months' a feel-good film. Hugh Grant doesn't seem like the idealchoice for the role. I just didn't find him convincing enough, eventhough he's known for his rom-com movies. Julianne Moore is a delightto watch even though her role is less comedic and challenging. JoanCusack is hilarious. Tom Arnold is quite annoying but sometimes he'sokay. Jeff Goldblum is adequate in a supporting role. Robin Williams'scharacter seems forced.

While things are a little light and slow in the beginning, it's in thelast half hour that the writer puts a little too many comedy, most ofit falling flat on its 'face'. With a cast like this, one would haveexpected better. I'd still say it's far more enjoyable than the likesof 'Runaway Bride' and 'Pretty Woman'.

3/10 / 10

This film is as subtle a kicking a house brick with your toe, anddeeply dishonest.

The comedic characters and events are from the era of the KeystoneCops; completely over the top. This film is from the genre of farceverging on melodrama, complete with music to make sure we know what weare supposed to think. It should have been honest enough not to pretendto anything more complex.

The life challenges faced by the characters are real enough but theplot is completely cliché and obvious.

The central characters are simplistic and are black & white (she allgood, he all bad). The dialog is from the day dreams of a fourteen yearold.

The fact that a film uses actor Hugh Grant does not make it sensitive,uplifting or funny. The fact that a film contains sex and slapstickdoes not make it a romantic comedy.

2/10 / 10

Nine Months can't make up its mind. Is it a romantic comedy? Is it fun-dumbslapstick? Is it a warm tale of family? Is it a comment on single yuppies?It tries to be all and ends up failing to be any. On the way, it is cliched,offensive, obnoxious, predictable, and DULL. Pity the poor cast, most ofthem respected actors, who must now find this idiocy forever on theirresumes.

On a few occasions, Nine Months just lets go into full-blown, bull mooselunacy, and in those moments it's a lot of fun. The ten minutes or so fromthe time Julianne Moore goes into labor until she gives birth arehysterical, certainly the best part of the movie.

For the remaining 93 minutes, how many ways can I scream NO!? Shall I startwith the relationship between Moore and Hugh Grant? They have been livingtogether for five years, and both say they've been uncommonly happy, and yetthey know little about each other. Grant THINKS, but isn't SURE, that Mooreuses birth control. He has no clue that Moore wants children, nor does Moorehave the least idea that Grant doesn't want them. They behave towards eachother like a young couple in their first few months of getting to know eachother.

What about poor Joan Cusack, who hasn't got a single line to utter thatisn't a cliche pulled off a radio call-in show? ‘Birth is a miracle.'‘Family is what it's all about.' ‘Sometimes husbands are frustrating butthey come around.' Never ONCE does she say a single word that couldn't havebeen read off of the cover of Redbook. Or Tom Arnold, who thinks he'ssuccessfully playing a funny `big oaf' but is really just a creep? I'dbelieve him in a horror movie (as the horror) but not in a light comedy.Then there's the ENORMOUS misstep of making Hugh Grant a child psychologist,despite the fact that he's painfully uncomfortable around children. This ismeant as comedy, but is so unbelievable, and so obviously detrimental to hisclients, that it's just painful. Finally, what about the fact that twoeducated professionals seem to know nothing about reproduction or their ownbodies? That isn't a joke, it's a tragedy!

Finally, we have the hideous way that people treat each other, as thoughit's all funny. Is it funny that Julianne Moore packs up and leaves HughGrant, slamming the door behind her while he's trying to talk to her,because he's been distant and uninvolved? Yet HE is the one expected toapologize, `grow up,' and do her unreasonable bidding by the final reel.Yuck.

1/10 / 10

I am a PARENT and I cringed all through this movie. This slop belongsin the early 1900s where the stereotypical woman conned a man intogetting them pregnant then guilted him into marrying her.

Why do men have to love the idea of being a father and aspire towardit? Parenting is a hard job and it shouldn't be trivialised, kidschange everything about your life and you aren't you anymore. You're soand so's Mum/Dad or so and so's Grandparent for the rest of your lifeno matter how hard you try to keep your own life. People should beready to have kids, not have it thrust upon them and be expected tochange into Superparent on demand or be shunned like a leper.

There are already too many hurt kids in this world who were born sotheir parents could have what they wanted, then decided they weren'twhat they wanted after all. Enough.

5/10 / 10

Hugh Grant is pretty 'watchable' in most films he does. His on-screenpresence is pretty much consists of witty lines, snappy articulationand boyish / non-threatening charm - and some element of nerves.

He's got that same appeal in this movie - and with the over-the-topacting of Tom Arnold, the film has great comedic performances. Stillthough, it lacks a compelling story.

The simple storyline never got interesting: an unmarried couplediscovers they have a baby on the way. The soon-to-be father (Grant)seems uncomfortable with idea of becoming a responsible husband andfather - leading to problems with the mother (Julianne Moore). Being inpresence of a reckless family (headed by Arnold) just seems to makethings worst ... and the story progresses from there.

If you're a Grant fan, you'll enjoy his part in the movie. However, getready to also discover that it isn't enough to save this movie. It'sjust not that fun to watch.