Nightshot (2016)

Nathalie Couturier,
A haunting in real time. A beautiful young woman is subjected to a grueling night of terror - all accomplished in one take, as she investigates paranormal reports at an abandoned facility.
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  • Hugo König, Director:
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7 / 10

Mostly good

I was impressed with this latest entry into the "found footage" genre. The movie did some really nice tension building and it got creepier as we got closer and closer to the end. I do not want to give spoilers away but the ending ruined it for me. It seemed like the writer felt like he had to wrap up all the characters and came with a lazy way of doing so. When just leaving open ended would have been scarier

7 / 10

An impressive effort in a polarizing genre

I came into this film cautiously optimistic. Usually, foreign efforts in the found footage genre sit better with me than American ones (i.e. Borderlands). I thought the ambiance was palpable, and the acting was excellent. I felt like the premise was about as derivative as you can be, but a lot of the set decoration stood out from the usual fare of creepy dolls, pentagrams on the floor, upside down crosses (there were a couple in here, but tastefully done) and runic or proto-Hebrew writing. At the end of the movie, I felt like it was an impressive effort, and the acting on behalf of the female lead sold me on it (to qualify that, I worked as a first responder, and I've heard real agonizing, blood-curdling screams, and hers were very authentic... authentic enough to be a bit of a trigger for those with PTSD).I say solid 7/10.

7 / 10

Did it's job but could've done better.. good found footage theme and idea but the acting didn't make the authenticity.. give it a watch though...

I was impressed by the whole one take idea, however I felt like the ending sucked and they often walked through doors that they had just walked through moments earlier and acted like they were lost too much so it seemed like over acting... I felt like u watched 2 endings and that was not necessary...

7 / 10

I respect it.

It's not a bad movie and I love the fact that it was shot all at once. Other movies with that claim normally don't deliver with having a cut here or there. But this one promises to be purely one shot and a huge thumbs up for that. Also a brilliant performance from the lead actress so two thumbs up for her.I study horror movies like this looking for how many times I can guess how they achieved the scare or special effect and a few times I went really?.... but I did over all enjoy it. Far from the worst I've seen in the found footage genre. Tho it does rely on some simple things to get by on scares in the start. It ends strong enough without falling flat on its face. The most original story? No. But a good watch with a great atmosphere and creepy sound design. Go in without expecting too much and you might be surprised with how much you enjoy it.

1 / 10

Replace "O" with 'I' in the title and you got it.

Let's say it's a french movie, and, lucky me, I'm french too.

First thing I noticed : the acting is bad, very bad. A girl goes hysterical, crying and overcrying : but no tears in her eyes. Oh.From time to time, she's overacting, obviously.The camera guy is just an idiot : his speaking is amateurish.Well, in the second half of the movie, he can see clearly that the girl is totally terrified. As I'm a guy too, I would take her away as fast as I could.

But him ? Nope. Let the girl go first, and take your time exploring deeper...

After the end credits, there's a french sentence "un film fran?ais et fier de l'être".Translation : "a French movie and proud of it". Haha.

"A very bad French movie, and ashamed to be" if you ask me. Avoid it.