Night Drive (1977)

Valerie Harper, Richard Romanus, Nicholas Pryor, John Quade,
A housewife is stalked by a psycho after she sees him murder a highway patrol officer.
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  • Carl Gabler, Richard DeNeut, Writer:
  • E.W. Swackhamer, Director:
  • Joel Glickman, Daniel Selznick, Producer:
7 / 10

I didn't expect to be so terrified

watched it on t.v while doing the ironing very late one night. After reading about it in the t.v guide I thought it wouldn't be very good, but was one of the best things I've ever watched on t.v. I don't recall a terrible lot of talking (because she's on her own in the car being stalked for a lot of the time) but it was so terrifying just to watch. Usually I watch these types of movies just to laugh at them and it was good to actually be scared by one for a change. I just wish I had it on video to show all my friends, it would be perfect viewing for a Halloween party or something like that.

7 / 10

Scared me to death.

I saw this movie years ago on a late night t.v. movie and haven't forgotten it... It kept me on the edge of the couch and couldn't get to sleep for hours... Not that it was terribly a good movie... just one of those that you remember for a long long time. If anyone out there knows where I can get a copy of this I would appreciate the info. It's about a woman that is being chased in a car and always running into dead ends, or out of gas or anything else that can possibly go wrong. I can't quite remember why she is chased.. just how awful it was.

7 / 10


Night Terror is a simple thriller that tells the story of a woman driving across country by herself. The drive turns into what might be classed as a REALLY bad day, and the film effectively charts her run of bad luck which reaches it's most frightening when a psychopathic creep starts to follow her.

I used the term "simple" not as a criticism. The film achieves what it sets out to do, charting a frightening journey for a lone traveller out in the middle of nowhere. Valerie Harper is superb as the central character Carol, and for a lot of the running time she carries the whole movie single handedly. What impressed me about the film was that all the experiences are portrayed convincingly. Carol initially just runs low on gas, but from this, she stumbles from one stressful situation to another, each worse than the last, yet she handles each challenge with realistic ingenuity. I really liked her resourcefulness as more and more danger is thrown at her.

The film starts quite slowly as Carol leaves her family for a long drive, but it gets going soon enough and the middle third is the best as night falls and the real drama of Carol's ordeal is played out. Night Terror is actually a fitting title, as the movie lives up to it in this middle section. The story ends satisfyingly, although without all the loose ends tied up, but I really enjoyed it.

Only available on rental VHS from years ago, it's very unlikely that many people will see this now, which is a shame. I'm glad I did, as it's another little gem of 70's made-for-TV-movie fun.

5 / 10

It's An OK Thriller - I Guess

This one has good and bad points. The climax and ending were the bad points. It's as if they really didn't know how to end it so they threw in the desert and helicopter stuff... followed by the hospital scene.

The good to it is that most of it is fairly interesting - all the middle stuff going on is sorta thrilling. The gas station scene is simply weird. I thought for a minute she was trying to break into a wall safe to try to find coins to use the phone, then I realized it was to turn on the gas pump. lol.

This would have a really good movie but the ending - when it became daylight in the desert and then the hospital scene was a bad way to end an otherwise decent made for TV thriller.


10 / 10


I agree with all the messages . I saw this TV movie when I was a girl... I still remember the real fear that I felt Nevermore I could see it again in TV or find it in VHS or DVD I known that my so poor... I ' m Argentine...

Here in my country ..I can't find this film... Who can help me to find this copy movie?

I saw a lot of suspense ..terror film..thrillers... but I ever remember this one... Up to the last moment it supports the suspense... The one who sees it does not know even there how it ends .. it is to say does not have a predictable end