Navy Seals (1990)

Charlie Sheen, Michael Biehn, Joanne Whalley, Rick Rossovich,
An elite Navy Seals unit must set out to destroy a shipment of US-built Stinger missiles that have fallen into terrorist hands.
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  • Chuck Pfarrer, Gary Goldman, Writer:
  • Lewis Teague, Director:
  • Brenda Feigen, Bernard Williams, Producer:


8/10 / 10

This is a rah-rah, gung-ho actioner and as long as that's what you'relooking for, you'll have a good time watching this fast-paced story ofthe white hats versus the black hats.

Sheen, Biehn, Whalley, Kadi, and Paxton do workmanlike jobs withstereotypical roles. The plot is all formula but treated in a slightlyunusual way and the action sequences are excellent. U.S. Navy SEALS(The good guys) stumble on a cache of weapons in the hands ofmideastern terrorists (the bad guys.) The first attempt to get thegoods fails, and in the process of tracking down the cache, everybody'sbest buddy dies (see if you can guess who THAT would be!) There aremore tragic deaths before the finale, which, of course, includeshand-to-hand combat between boss baddie and our hero.

This is very definitely a promo for the U.S. Navy, with terrific shotsof U.S. weapons, heroic depictions of our boys in action, and simple,demonized baddies. But if that kind of thing sets you off, it should bepretty obvious that this is not the film for you!

7/10 / 10

Like the previous person's comments, this was like the "Top Gun" on theground. He just forgot to also mention that it was also done in the Seaandin the Air. I feel that it was similar also to Chuck Norris' Delta Force;however, it was alot more realistic. Well, the actors in this film did awonderful job of portraying the actions of the elite Navy SEAL teams.Thismovie should serve as a testament to the courage and valor displayed byallof the great Special Operations and Special Forces teams of the ArmedForces. The characters were really believable and the script wastop-notch.Those who are from the Hampton Roads area of Virginia (like myself) willdefinitely notice many of the stateside locales. You could definitelywatchthis movie over and over again! It definitely provides a boost ofadrenaline to all couch potatoes and action junkies, not to mention any ofthose who have either served in the military or were born in militaryhouseholds like myself!

7/10 / 10

OK, I'll try to comment mostly on the music cause enough has been saidabout this movie. I think it's a very watchable action movie (despitesome flaws). Yes, it's not too realistic, but such a movie would mostprobably be boring (check how it worked out in The Finest Hour). Yes,it's not too deep, but come on, which action movie is (e.g. what's sodeep about characters in Die Hard? nobody complains about that and theyshouldn't)? Please take into consideration some other action movieinvolving the SEALS e.g. The Rock - the unwatchable MichaelBay/Nicholas Cage exploding blockbuster escapade which somehow has over7.0 rating.

The most positive thing about this movie are the great action sceneswhich look pretty realistic (the gunfights in Beirut, for example).Nice use of the camera (although it looks a bit 'TV' in some places)and very authentic looking scenery (with some nice details, e.g. likethat destroyed Israeli M113 in the background).

But the amazing thing is (personally) one of the best music scores inan action movie ever (which unfortunately I can't seem to findanywhere). I mean, Sylvester Levy really did his job right. Every timethey head for action, they are followed by excellent instrumentalscores which give this film and the scenery much more depth (myfavorite one plays when they are running for the shore). Unbelievablygood.

So, must have seen it a couple of dozen times and still like to watchit for the above reasons. It's not a deep movie, just good war actionand great music. I enjoy(ed) it. Maybe you will, too. Personally, I'drate it as 6, objectively at 5, IMDb 7 at least (should have more sinceatrocities like The Rock get 7.3 average).

8/10 / 10

Lewis Teague has made a bunch of average movies. This movie doesn't offeranything new, but as an action flick, it might be a legend for somebody.It's a great story about " America's secret weapon", Navy Seals. Casting isvery impressive, including stars like Michael Biehn, Charlie Sheen and BillPaxton. character development is minimal which is very understandable, afterall it's all about action and little humor. Michael Biehn makes the mostrealistic performance from the cast, as a tough lieutanent.On the other hand, Charlie Sheen concentrates on joking in his role. BillPaxton has got sadly only a minor role with hardly no lines atall.Movie is all about action, but good kind of. Worth watching.


10/10 / 10

While one can poke fun at Navy SEALS all day, the fact remains that it isaclassic in modern military movies. Of course it's cheesy, and of courseit's unrealistic at times, but I've known several SEALS who resemble thesecharacters. The first half of the movie is great, especially the first 10minutes. The second half drags a bit. Charlie Sheen and Michael Biehnareat their best. Bill Paxton, though under-used, shines as "God". Thesoundtrack is killer. I saw this movie several times at the theater, andthe best time was when I saw it at Fort Bragg where the crowd eruptedduringthe airdrop scene! I love this movie, despite it's obviousflaws.