My Comic Shop Country (2019)

My Comic Shop Country is a movie starring Allen Baus, Paul Borrero, and Patrick Brower. My Comic Shop Country is a feature-length documentary film exploring the business, fandom, and community of comic book stores across the United...
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10 / 10

Behind the curtains (doors) of some of the best comic stores around the U.S.!

I might be a little biased as I'm included within this documentary, but My Comic Shop Country will definitely give you a look at some of the colorful characters who own comic book stores, things they deal on the business side, and just shows the love for this medium / industry that has to exist to have a successful comic book store!

10 / 10

Great doc with a lot of heart

If you've ever collected comics and been inside of a comic shop, then this movie will have something for you.

If you're not into comics, this is a story about community and geeks enjoying what they love and that can be universal.

Lots of great info about how the comic shop industry works (direct from shop owners but also distributors and creators as well), some humor and lots of heart.

10 / 10

An appreciation for Comic Book Shops

This is a fantastic documentary that goes beyond the day-to-day operations of a comic shop and explores the relationships and friendships that these stores can create.If you've ever been curious about a comic book shop but reluctant to enter, check out this documentary! Expand your horizons!

10 / 10

Great Doc!

Even if you don't collect comic books, this documentary is worth a watch. It shows how much work goes into running a niche store, and how much it is appreciated by the customers. A feel-good documentary that doesn't celebrate the mistreatment of big cats.