Mutant Blast (2018)

Maria Leite, Sofia Reis, Joaquim Guerreiro, Vanda R. Rodrigues,
Maria, a fearless soldier, and TS-347, a man with superhuman strength, are being pursued by a military cell responsible for scientific experiments that have resulted in a zombie apocalypse.
  • 6.1 /10.0 IMDB Rating:
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  • Adrián Cardona, Writer:
  • Fernando Alle, Director:
  • Michael Herz, Lloyd Kaufman, Producer:


9 / 10

"Even a mutant lobster can cry!"

From Peter Jackson's vibe to Golden age Troma, Mutant Blast is the wet dream of every horror geek. Ridiculously fun, it's a gory rollercoaster full of practical fx you want (and need) to ride on (again and again). Creative in such many ways, brilliant and with an excellent cast. Find it, watch it, that smile on your faces will lasts for hours.

8 / 10

Good B-film

I was looking for "so bad it's good" films for Jason Brant, and stumbled upon this strange european film.

Breaking the language-limitation (fortunately they provided subtitles) this was way above the '70s cartoon-world of Troma. I'm not sure what they provided for the film aside 2 cameos, felt more like something they more distributed than produced.

The story is, yes, a bit disjointed, but it works out well as a kind of road-movie eg. Planet Terror, providing various obstacles instead of a single Monster of the Movie. It also provides plenty of gore. Nothing extremely spectacular, but the sanitised world of Hollywood really could use some advice from these guys.

The events are also weird, in a funny way, and the characters don't lack chemistry. Or charisma for that matter, yes, Lobster Lad was magnificient providing Birdemic-like environmentalist monologue while stitching wounds. There's also plenty of action.

This is a plain and simple film. There is no big agenda behind it, it just wants to entertain you, provide half an hour sheer escapism. It succeeded for me.

6 / 10

Funnier than it has any right to be

As a big "so bad it's good" movies fan, I'm suspicious of movies that are deliberately bad, as they tend to be boring and no fun at all. This is one of the rare exceptions.

The plot is, to put it midly, absurd and disjointed. The acting is mostly terrible. The cinematography is basic. What is worse, the movie is little more than an assemblage of horror movie tropes that we've seen in other movies. Yet, it's a blast to watch, as most of the jokes are spot on.

If you're a fan of Z movies, in the style of Jackson, Rodriguez or Romero, you'll love this one.

Oh, and I have to give it at least one extra point for the brilliant French lobster character. The world would be a far better place with a lobster like Jean Pierre in charge.