Murder Ever After (2021)

Holly Robinson Peete, Colin Lawrence, Karen Robinson, Jayce Barreiro,
Billie finds a corpse in her friend's father's basement, and gets involved in the murder investigation
  • 6.8 /10.0 IMDB Rating:
  • DatePublished:
  • 2022-06-27 Added:
  • Al Roker, Dick Lochte, Shelley Evans, Writer:
  • Andy Mikita, Director:
  • Harvey Kahn, Producer:
7 / 10

The new reporter is not likeable

Wish the new reporter was in the warehouse at the end and left there. He's annoying and doesn't add anything to the series.

10 / 10

Pleasantly surprised

After the disaster of an episode in another Hallmark series ' When Calls the Heart' (Elizabeth and Lucas) I was concerned about Billie with another character (not Rick Fox). But It worked! And it worked well! I've enjoyed watching this series and I get attached to characters, but this works. Looking back she and Ian never fully clicked. This new character appreciates her and the chemistry was good. I love her aunt. I enjoy the Phil and Lucy characters and the bond they have with Billie. Not sure about the new reporter, yet. Please keep this series going. I really enjoy it.

7 / 10

Thank you for rescuing this series

Big Holly fan but the previous cast was so awful I couldn't watch this series. Thank you for hiring a real acting partner for Holly. Much better!

7 / 10

Morning Show Mysteries: Murder Ever After

6/10 - it is nice to see the Morning Show Mysteries series with Holly Robinson Peete make its big return.

8 / 10

Skeleton gender

Loved the new characters even the reporter. But the police would know right away if a skeleton was a man or woman. That doesn't make sense.