Mully is a movie starring Charles Mully, Esther Mully, and Isaac Mulli. A homeless orphan in Kenya becomes a lucrative businessman, only to give it all up and open an orphanage that today serves over 2000 Kenyan children.
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9 / 10

Amazing & Remarkable

This is an amazing and remarkable documentary. Born into abject poverty in Kenya, with an abusive and alcoholic father and a family that completely abandoned him as a child, Charles Mully became a street beggar and, of course, became most hardened and angry at society.

However, after a benevolent Indian woman gave him a break and offered him odd jobs to do, Mully eventually worked his way into becoming a self-made millionaire. But unhappy with his life and circumstances, Mully had an epiphany to get rid of his earthly possessions and to devote his life to helping the poor, especially street orphans like he was himself once.

He began to bring the orphans from the streets of the slums of Kenya to his home and set up his own orphanage. With his wife Esther accepting this for the most part, but running into opposition from his 9 children, Mully steadfastly moved ahead with his plan to save as many youngsters as possible.

Without going into more detail, let's just say his Mully Children's Family, against numerous obstacles, continued on and became the amazing presence and sanctuary it is today, rescuing thousands of orphans and giving them a second chance in life.

Overall, this film, directed by Scott Haze, is a truly inspirational and amazing tale that I can recommend highly to all.

10 / 10

Exhilarating and Touching

At the age of 63, this is beyond any doubt the most inspiring documentary I have ever witnessed. Regardless of one's faith, or without, the result is undeniable of how a man who gives up all of his wealth and comfort, can come through with nothing short of miraculous. It made me wonder, with all the exposure of the likes of the Gates foundation etc., how the impact and genius of Mully has changed the conditions with such an incredible impact on his country. The progression of his resentful children to support and eventual full involvement in their Father's passion, is a story with much meaning for us to ponder.

10 / 10

The Ultimate Family Film - fun and funny, exciting and suspenseful, fast paced and gripping, pure enlightening joy!

I loved this film. Everyone should see it. If you don't believe in a "higher power" this should convince you that not only does one exist but He is there as He says "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11. The media doesn't tell us stories like these, because they don't want people to know how God works in your life if you let Him and when you cooperate, your reward is pure joy! This film is suitable for every age and every taste. It's suspenseful; it's funny; it's uplifting and it will make you ponder what you have been wasting your own life doing. Truth is much stranger (and more wonderful) than fiction. I hope the whole world joins the Mully family.

10 / 10

Blows My Mind

I didn't know man has this capacity for love, selflessness and sacrifice, after overwhelming trials and temptations. I'm still amazed after a week of watching it.

10 / 10

Inspiring movie

If this movie had been fiction everyone would say it was too far-fetched. Truth is stranger than fiction. This is one of the most inspiring stories I have ever seen.