Mrs Harris Goes to Paris (\N)

A widowed cleaning lady in 1950s London falls madly in love with a couture Dior dress, and decides that she must have one of her own.
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  • Carroll Cartwright, Keith Thompson, Writer:
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10 / 10

A most charming movie....

This is one of the most charming movies I've ever seen. Lesley Manville's execution of her role of someone that is optimistic, attentive, considerate, and hopeful, suffers a few setbacks, yet still have the strength to carry on and stand up when it matters the most is Oscar worthy. A lot of substance with this actor. She is also surrounded by a supporting cast with is rich in talent, experience and timing. OK, it has Hollywood ending written all over the place but it is such a fun movie. And this is coming from someone that favors insane fantasies, comedies galore, sci-fi and everything else not of this world.

10 / 10

I love everything about how this film looks from the scenery, to the actors, the music, the script -- everything fits the storyline so perfectly.

I enjoyed Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris and so will people who stand up for what they believe. Ada Harris is an admirable character that serves as a positive role model.

The storyline follows Ada Harris (Lesley Manville), a 1950s widowed housekeeper. After falling in love with a Dior dress, Mrs. Harris decides she must have one of them and takes off on a journey to Paris, where she discovers what she truly needs in life.

I love everything about how this film looks from the scenery, to the actors, the music, the script -- everything fits the storyline so perfectly. All the actors are fabulous; every prop is in the exact right place; there is just so much hard work put into this film and it really shows. One of the most outstanding contributions to the movie is from the writers. The script is so perfect. Mrs. Harris' story sticks out to me because, while all of the other characters are young and have years to figure out what's important to them, Mrs. Harris is already half way through her life, and still isn't truly happy. Alba Baptista who plays Natasha did an amazing job! I loved her performance so much! My favorite scene is the Dior fashion show. Everything about that scene is terrific; the dresses are beautiful, the actresses playing the models made me feel as if I was in the Dior showroom.

The message of Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris is to never give up. Mrs. Harris is determined to help the workers at Dior when she helps them strike. She is determined to buy the dress, and best of all, she never gives up.

I give Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 12 to 18 plus adults. It releases in theatres on July 15, 2022. By Kendall B., KIDS FIRST!

9 / 10

Well done film.............

This film was not on my radar at all. But I watched it. And loved it. I thought the acting was on point. The directing was beautifully done, the movie reminded me of a film from the 50s or 60s. The writing was well done and pretty much perfect. The film had a nice feel to it making it easily rewatchable. Overall its definitely a under the radar film, but it should be watched. Its highly enjoyable for the whole family and is a very sweet film.

7 / 10

A Harmless Treat

If you come in expecting to be told a fairytale, you will not be disappointed. It is a well-executed fairytale meant to teach morals as opposed to be realistic. It's 'Cinderella' meets 'The Devil Wears Prada' meets 'Pretty Woman' with a dash of 'The Phantom of the Open'.

Above all: this film is a chocolate chip cookie. We all know what goes into a chocolate chip cookie and we all recognize how one should taste. Despite the familiarity, a chocolate chip cookie done well remains a treat.

8 / 10

Nice charming film about a working-class hero

This is a well-directed and well-acted film about an English charwoman who becomes besotted with a Dior dress, and eventually manages to cobble up the funds to go to the House of Dior in Paris to buy one. But a Dior dress is not something she can buy off-the-rack, and so Mrs Harris has time for side adventures. The film is well-directed and well-acted, and allegedly the re-creations of Dior are authentic.

This is a European production, not Hollywood. Everyone speaks their own language, and at one point one French character admonishes another to speak in English (in the presence of Mrs Harris). At some points, I wished for full closed-captioning rather than just subtitles, since sometimes Mrs Harris slipped into a difficult-to-understand accent. Also, there were background plot points that just flashed by, so I needed an explanation from a companion.

Decades ago I had read the novel, and so was eager to see the film. I don't remember details, but the bones of the story was there, even though the ending was tweaked. A recommended film for those who wish to avoid the summer blockbusters.