Mortal Coil (2019)

Simon Phillips, Michael Swatton, Julie Mainville, Anne-Carolyne Binette,
Butchers is a movie starring Simon Phillips, Michael Swatton, and Julie Mainville. A family of sadistic butchers has dug into the back country and, from the deep freeze of winter to the dog days of summer, anyone who crosses their...
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  • Daniel Weissenberger, Writer:
  • Adrian Langley, Director:
  • Doug Phillips, Kevin Preece, Producer:


6 / 10


Texas chainsaw meets wrong turn.acting is ok, storyline is simple and very predictable. effects are ok.lots of screaming and a few jumps, a monster. kind of deiverance family bump into a group of teenage kids.there is a lot of movies of this ilk out there that are a lot worse, but there is far more out there that are far better.its worth a watch , but only once.

2 / 10

Garbage movie

This is a nothing movie. It's a bare bones knock off of Texas Chainsaw without any of the iconic characters that make it interesting. There's not even any lore or story here to explain any of it. People's cars break down while passing through and a few people show up to dispatch screen mind you. There's not even any gore to be found here. There's a little bit of Hills Have Eyes in that one woman is impregnated, but it's literally 10 minutes of the entire movie.

It's shot well is the only positive, they had some good angles and production, but there is no real story. The acting is what it is...there's no story so it's just them spouting their lines. It's not scary, or dramatic, or's literally just 2 groups of people breaking down and being preyed upon by southern hillbilly stereotypes...and they weren't even good or had any accent.

It's just a trash movie shot with a good camera, don't bother.

8 / 10

Rednecks hunting young people done right

No slow build up at the beginning, just BAM straight into the murkiness of what it's all about. It then does a of bit slow building up when a group of mid 20s car breaks down. Here's the only weak spot of cliché dialogue and average acting until the ball gets rolling again. Swatton and Phillips deliver a great performance with purposeful directing. While there's no real depth to the character's story, anyone rating this under 5 stars needs to watch more indie horror films.

6 / 10

Not bad not amazing

It was ok but we've seen it all before. could have been better.there's alot worse out there.

2 / 10

Cant they end film in some positivity

This is really a garbage movie. whenever too much of bad happening audience always expect the climax to be a relief where the murderers are killed but here the murderer has the last laugh .. i always hate such movies,,