Monstrous (\N)

Story centers on a traumatized woman fleeing from her abusive ex-husband with her 7-year-old son. In their new, remote sanctuary they find they have a bigger, more terrifying monster to deal with.
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4 / 10

Somewhat generic and predictable...

I have to admit that I was initially lured in to watching the 2022 mystery thriller "Monstrous" given the movie's cover/poster, but also because it was a movie that I hadn't already seen.

Writer Carol Chrest didn't really manage to churn out a storyline that was particularly inspiring. In fact, the movie's storyline was rather mundane and predictable. The movie started out fair enough, but then quickly settled into a monotonous pace without much of any excitement.

It is a movie with a rather small cast ensemble, but I will say that Christina Ricci carried the movie quite nicely, as did child actor Santino Barnard. It was nice to see Lew Temple in the movie, despite of him having only a small role.

Visually then "Monstrous" was actually good. Great special effects, which definitely added a lot to the movie, since the storyline was rather bland.

Ultimately then "Monstrous" was a movie that came and went without leaving a lasting impression. And I guess that come the end of the week, the movie will be a distant speck of a memory only. This is not a movie that I will be returning to watch a second time, nor is it a movie that I would recommend horror fans to rush out to get to watch.

My rating of "Monstrous", from director Chris Sivertson, lands on a four out of ten stars.

2 / 10

When you order a Christina Ricci film on!

As soon as this film starts, you know it's low-quality.

First of all, the amount of companies involved is a red flag. Then you see all their cheap, tacky, cringy logos all pop up one-by-one...they look like they were made with Microsoft PowerPoint using Windows 95...they are ugly! Then there's the horrible font they use for the titles...everything in the first 2 minutes makes you feel like you're watching a made for TV joint, on a Sunday afternoon.

How they landed Ricci, is nothing short of amazing!

The film just throws you in at the deep end, with no build-up, or explanation as to who we're watching, or why they're moving. I hate that. It would literally take a 30 second scene, to establish things.

Everyone in this seems sedated. Like an entire cast of sloths, disguised as humans.

The story is boring, the cinematography is dull and washed out, the music is just famous old songs that have been used in millions of films before - like how many times has 'Mr Sandman, bring me a dream' been used for a scene about someone sleeping? Other sleep-related songs are available. Sheesh!

The majority of the budget must of been used on Ricci's fee...and licensing the songs, because everything else looked 'bargain basement'.

I could only manage an hour, before I had to knock it on the head - which is generous for me, as I usually only give films 15 minutes, or so...I guess Ricci's beauty kept me interested...but inevitably, not even she was enough...and I'd be better off using Google images(!)

Finally, I'm noticing a recent trend in 'horror' films, where scenes involving the 'horror', are almost pitch doesn't add anything to the the actually TAKES AWAY from it! How can I be scared of something that I can't see? That only works, when the 'horror' is intentionally hidden, (like a poltergeist). It doesn't work when the thing you're supposed to be scared of is on-screen, but too dark to see it!

Anyway, I kind of knew this was going to be 'no frills' from the moment I pressed play - films that can't even be bothered to use a suitable font for their titles, are not going to be Oscar nominated. They might as well have used comic sans(!)

Not a good film...not at all. But CR is still a every cloud.

7 / 10

a beautiful...

Filmed silverscreen horror happening in the fifth layer of the process of grieving. Lovely acts of the forever young and dandy beautiful christina ricci, 20 and some forever, acting as the protective mum of her boy cody somewhere california in the 1950's

soundtrack is perfect, filmographically a fairitail adventour, the monstrous parts not so scary as could be, and with some very strange twists in the end. For some viewers the story may feel flat and the plot slow at some moments but the visual impression of the craftmanship of moviemaking did elevate that to me.

Its a film that may grow in the aftermath of your thoughts, as there are no doupt it could be processed loads of ways.

But i liked this one, not so darn original, but the parafranelia and gadgets of tghe time era has been used extremely creep under the cloak of sinisterness of sorrow and why it became as it did.confusing , yes, but recommendable thinks the grumpy old man.

8 / 10

Im harsh on films but i liked this one!

This film didn't try to be anything more than what it was. It was scary and the fx were great. After watching the awful Firestarter 2022, this film was actually perfect for a Friday The 13th night. I can't believe a small PG13 horror film like this was much better than the R Rated Firestarter 2022.

5 / 10

Watch till the end, tissues for all parents!

Give it a go, don't give up on this film. You almost want to.... However husband and I saw the twist coming from a far, second twist, we did not see it AT ALL. It was beautiful, strange, and I really enjoyed it. Not much of a horror, actually cried, could be a cause I'm a mother and Aunt Flo around the corner! LOL

i rate 5 stars, I enjoyed this. Give it a go. Cristina I love you, my Casper sister.