Monkie Kid: A Hero Is Born (2020)

Steve Blum, David Chen, Jack De Sena, Kyle McCarley,
Monkie King. Beloved hero from the famed novel "Journey to the West" comes to life as a young boy named MK.
  • 8.1 /10.0 IMDB Rating:
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  • Jeremy Adams, Yin Kai, Writer:
  • Sarah Harper, Director:
  • Vicky Kjaer Jensen, Simon Lucas, Debbie Steer, Producer:
10 / 10


1. It's actually directed by a female director herself, and AMAZINGLING EPIC !

2. The animation and all of the stunts that they put in this anime is great.

3. This should be rated tv-y7 including the series to, since there is no profanity, gore, and sexual harassments.

4. And I'm a fan of Legos to including this movie and series to.

finally, 5. I'd hoe there will be season 2, 3, and 4 and I hope each episode will be 20 min's longer than 10 min's, and I'm already enjoying the series so far.

10 / 10


Fantastic! I would recommend this to all my friends. Can't wait to get the sets!

3 / 10

I saw Another Review saying it's better than Ninjago, dude it's not even close close

How in the world can somebody compare this childish cringe show to the legendary Ninjago, this is unbelievable

6 / 10

Hyper fast paced LEGO action...

Well, I am familiar with the classic tale of the Monkey King according to Chinese folktales, so of course I sat down with my son to watch this 2020 LEGO take on the legend. And with it being a LEGO movie, I must admit that I didn't even doubt that we would be in for a dud.

And "Monkie Kid: A Hero Is Born" is entertaining, it sure is. And it was really refreshing to see a LEGO animated movie in an actual drawn style presentation, and not just being another CGI animated movie. So that was rather uplifting to see.

The storyline told here is easy to follow and it offers contents that is entertaining for children and adults alike. Of course, with it being LEGO, this is mostly aimed at a younger audience. But I was every bit as entertained as my son was.

The animation and art style used in "Monkie Kid: A Hero Is Born" is good. Lots of great things taking place on the screen. And the art style was great. It had that classic LEGO thing going on, while also keeping the art style that is seen in the LEGO magazines from the LEGO fan club that my son receives. So that was definitely good.

I will say, though, that this animated movie is fast paced. Very fast paced. There is not a single slow moment throughout the course of the movie, so it is a tongue-in-cheek experience here as you sit back and go on a hyperspeed roller coaster trip in the LEGO universe.

The voice acting in "Monkie Kid: A Hero Is Born" was good. And with it being an animated movie, of course having a proper voice cast ensemble is crucial. I wasn't familiar with anyone here, aside from Gwendoline Yeo, but I didn't recognize her voice, just her name.

All in all, then "Monkie Kid: A Hero Is Born" is entertaining and enjoyable.

My rating of "Monkie Kid: A Hero Is Born" lands on a six out of ten stars.