Moms Mabley: I Got Somethin' to Tell You (2013)

A look at the work and influence of African-American stand-up comedienne, Moms Mabley.
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10 / 10

Mom's Mabley we love you!

Moms Mabley displayed humor publicly in areas that people would only speak about behind closed doors back in those days. She graced the runways for all the cougars of today! She didn't hold back, she enjoyed talking about the young man in fact!

I believe the only thing mom's liked that was old, was some money. She was never embarrassed about talking about sex, and she truly knew her words would take affect. Back in the day if we would have been caught looking at Mom's Mabley tape, we knew serious consequences was about to take place. But we really did't care, cause we wanted to see what in the world was so damn funny over there!

10 / 10

Funny, Enlightening, Subversive

Moms was a force to be reckoned with so Whoopi is the perfect person to delve into her life. Fascinating from start to finish. Don't miss it.