Momojiri musume: purpozu daisakusen (1980)

Kaori Takeda, Ako, Takashi Shikauchi, Eiko Nagashima, Miyuki Tanigawa, Akiko Kitamura,
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  • Osamu Hashimoto, Narito Kaneko, Writer:
  • Kôyû Ohara, Director:
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4 / 10

Rena and Yuko are at it again

This is the third and last installment of Momojiri Musume (Pink Hip Girl) series starring Kaori Takeda. The movie is part of Nikkatsu's Roman Poruno (Porn) series movies.

Rena (Kaori Takeda) and Yuko (Ako) are now graduating from high school. Rena tried to get accepted to Waseda University, but fails. Yuko is pregnant but plans to get an abortion. She tells Rena that she's planning to go to an acting group called Shinatora Acting Company in Hokkaido. Yuko's love interest is one of its member. Rena by coincidence is asked by one of the class mate to go to Hokkaido. So they head out to Hokkaido together to see Yuko. The acting company has an avant guard style, and Yuko is now part of its member. They have weird practice methods, but Yuko believes that's because of the company's artistic nature. In her usual style, Yuko preaches to Rena about the supposed "high browed" aspect of her lifestyle which in actuality she knows nothing about. As Rena and her friend shack up in a bed and breakfast inn, they start to witness the sexual behavior of the locals. Yuko has the hots for the leader of the acting company, and finds her way into bed with him.

Takeda and Ako have matured in their acting as this series progressed. Their acting chops are much better in this movie than their earlier attempts. The background is now set in snowy town in Hokkaido and is quite beautiful. Local culture plays into the story in its usual ways for this series.

The story has no focus as usual, and turns out to be little like a sight seeing trip for the audience. It stays true to its coming of age theme for the girls, but as Rena and Yuko becomes adults themselves, the series ends not with a bang but fizzles into oblivion.

5 / 10

Not great, not terrible.

I found this movie hard to rate. I kind of feel like I want to rate it slightly higher, but then I might be pushing it. The movie didn't bore me, even though there wasn't much going on. The dramatic climax of the movie didn't come across as dramatic on screen. Everything felt shallow. Other than the leading actress, whom I thought looked quite attractive, there wasn't really anything memorable going on.

I also want to say that for a movie made in 1980 on what must have been a small budget, it never felt dated.