Moment by Moment (1978)

Lily Tomlin, John Travolta, Andra Akers, Bert Kramer,
A lonely socialite and a young drifter enter into a May-December romance.
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  • Jane Wagner, Director:
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1/10 / 10

I used to think that I had seen all 'The Bad Classics, but I have beenmistaken.


I'd heard of this film, but never understand the acute severity of CRAPthat oozed from every sleazy, polyester pore in the rotten flesh ofthis movie!

How, by gods, did this pathetic drivel EVER make it to a public theaterin 1978, and then, cruelly, at many more on TV, and in HI-DEF, no less?At least the 'hep 70' soundtrack' was in Dolby.

Pay close attention to Ms. Tomlin's laugh while pouring her friend acocktail. This movie makes me ache for Joel, Crow & Servo.

I watched Waterworld a few nights back, and recalled the jibes bycritics, calling it Kevin's Gate, etc. And now, I wonder why this bigLOAD wasn't called Tomlin's Titanic.

I can't help flying in to hysterics imagining what the outtakes lookedlike. More drugs were snorted, shot, popped and smoked in this flickthan Easy Rider. The cast party must've been quite the par-tay to

I wanted disparity to find something happy or at least conciliatory. Nosuch luck.

So now I'm off to watch a good film, say, 'Manos, the Hands of Fate".(Even the dog is a better actor).

/ 10

I have never laughed my fool head off so hard as when I read some of thereviews here. But why be mean to Lily? MALE actors cast themselves ALL THETIME opposite leading ladies far younger and even more COMPLETELY out oftheir league. (Woody Allen, Jack Nicholson, Sean Connery anyone?) Thatbeing said, the main reason to watch this is that it's so not ABOUT anythingthat it's surreal. If you put yourself in the context of the ME decade, youcan see what Jane Wagner was going for here, two people "findingthemselves." The trick is making anyone else care. Well, I cared, in thesame sense that I care when I see a pile-up on the freeway. Still, if youlike Travolta's hairy chest this is a good one watch it in. (If you like itwaxed, see "Two of a Kind.") If you want to see Lily in an atypical role,this is the one to watch too. Let's face it, as film disasters go, I'lltake this over "The Majestic" any day!

2/10 / 10

Stupid! Possibly the dumbest script for a full-budget movie in Hollywoodhistory, and the "chemistry" between Tomlin and Travoltaisutterly laughable. The direction is as clumsy as you are ever likely tosee. Only a pretty lively soundtrack saves it from being my #1 worst movieof all-time. Feeling charitable, I give it 2/10.

1/10 / 10

Rich and lonely Trish (Lily Tomlin) meets and falls in love with Strip(John Travolta) who's at least 15 years younger than her. They bothhave issues--but do they love each other enough to battle those issuestogether? Believe me--you won't care!

I had forgotten that I saw this. I was 16 when it came out and this(inexplicibly) has an R rating. I had always loved Lily Tomlin andwanted to see it. In fact at the time this came out Tomlin and Travoltawere (purportedly) madly in love with each other in real life. It turnsout that was all a publicity stunt to sell the movie. Anyways, I connedmy mom into taking me to see it. Wow--was THAT a mistake! Talk aboutdull! My mom and me literally kept dozing off during the movie. By theend (which is REAL stupid) I actually was giggling at how hopeless thismovie was. It bombed badly and years of therapy helped me block's come back to haunt me! Tomlin and Travolta CAN be good(given the right material) but this script was just so tedious and dullthat even they couldn't pull it off. Travolta is as good as anyone canbe. Tomlin REALLY tries but she's hopelessly miscast. She only got therole because director Jane Wagner and her were (and still are) lovers.I (sorta) want to see this on DVD to see if it's as bad as Iremembered. I've heard there might actually be a DVD release of this inthe works. That would be kind of cool. A 1 all the way.

10/10 / 10

John Travolta plays Strip Sunset, the ultimate female man-toy! If youare a fan of sexy fun on the beach, May-December romance, foot worship,muddy dogs, and awkward, boner-killing PG-13 pseudo-sex scenes, look nofurther. This is the brownest film ever made. And by "brown", I meanterrible, muted 70's tones that suck and make you sad. This is the70's, with a large side of 70's. If you are manic-depressive, you mightwant to check this one out. Contemplating suicide? Do it. ContemplatingJohn Travolta's sexuality? I'M NOT. He got 2 (count em, TWO) HJ's fromLily Tomlin. HE'S STRAIGHT AS F--- DOG. Go kill yourself. But watch MbMfirst!