Mo Farah: No Easy Mile (2016)

Mo Farah: No Easy Mile is a movie starring Mo Farah. Telling the incredible life story of one of Britain's most successful athletes and arguably our countries greatest ever Olympian, Mo Farah opens the doors to his home and gives us...
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  • Joe Pearlman, David Soutar, Director:
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7 / 10

Great little documentary on the legendary Mo Farah.

My Rating : 7/10

Watched it a few times!

Greatly inspiring. Love this documentary so much.

Thanks for the inspiration and a little insight into your success Mo Farah!

6 / 10

Falls flat when narrating the legend that is Mo

Mo recalls his journey which led him to 4 Olympic gold medals. The documentary is mostly narrated by Mo himself and his wife Tania with interventions from other individuals, mainly his coach Alberto Salazar. The documentary focuses on Mo's peak years from Daegu 2011 to his two Olympic successes at London 2012 and Rio 2016.

It is a very relaxing watch which however, in my opinion, fails to capture the grandeur of the feat of winning back to back 5k and 10k Olympic golds and falls flat when narrating the extremities of his earlier failures, his perseverance and ultimately his unprecedented accomplishments.